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6 Jewelry Trends For 2018 To Watch

Jewelry has the power to transform a dull outfit into a sophisticated style that’s filled with personality. If you want to ensure you are adorning the most fashionable accessories throughout the seasons, here are six jewelry trends for 2018 to watch.

1. Layer Your Necklaces

Delicate and simple necklaces will be all the rage with each passing season in 2018. If you want to prove you have effortless style, you should consider layering long necklaces together to develop a unique and eye-catching style. Choose different necklace designs that feature various charms and stones, which will add personality to your outfit.

2. Brooches are Back

Brooches are back, and it’s about time! There has been a stigma about wearing brooches for a long time, as many people viewed them as an older adult’s accessory. However, 2018 looks set to be the year the brooch makes a welcome resurgence into fashion. The beautiful accessory can complement your jacket, bag, or scarf, so find the perfect design to reflect your style.

3. Bracelets Never Go Out of Fashion

A bracelet is one jewelry item that will never go out of fashion. It can suit almost every garment in your wardrobe, so it can be a staple item when you choose the right design. So, whether you are looking for a simple style to rock during summer, or a sophisticated chain to wear to a formal event, you should head to blomdahlusa.com, which specialize in modern, skin-friendly jewelry to help you create an impressive style.

4. Pick Up Pearls

According to Coco Chanel, “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” While they have dipped out of fashion in recent years, pearls have made a big comeback in 2018, and it looks as though the jewelry style will be sticking around for some time. If you want to develop a contemporary twist on a classic design, you should opt for a pendant or anklet that features a single pearl, or one pearl earrings, which will add interest into your look.

5. Scour Thrift Stores for Vintage Jewelry

It’s time to scour various vintage stores to find classic jewelry from times gone by. It will help you to discover unique and interesting pieces that you can recycle into your wardrobe. So, rather than following trends, you can go back in time to find beautiful pieces that you could help make a comeback. It will, therefore, help you to set trends, rather than follow them. So, look for everything from asymmetrical earrings to pinky rings.

6. Buy Elegant Anklets

Anklets are the epitome of femininity, so it’s no surprise they are quickly becoming popular with fashionistas from across the world. The dainty chains will look elegant surrounding your ankles and will look great with either pearl or metallic beading. Similar to necklaces, you can layer the anklets up to create a textured look that will look beautiful throughout spring and summer. So, they’ll look great with a summer dress or a pair of shorts.