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Actress Melissa Bolona Has Major Style


Actress, model, and philanthropist Melissa Bolona has many admirable qualities. Among these, is the actress’s keen sense of style. While the actress originally hails from the East coast, she also spent several years studying in Paris, France, before moving to her home in Los Angeles. Bolona’s mixed heritage – her father is Peruvian and she also has German, Cuban, and Ukrainian ancestry- gives her a unique look. While Bolona had always wanted to act, she also holds a degree in Business. Bolona is keen on sharing her fashion knowhow and style through her interviews and blog.


Comfort and Function: During her interview with Bella magazine, Melissa Bolona defines beauty as “an effort to look and feel your best”. Her look embodies both of those qualities with ensembles that can are beautiful, yet practical, for every occasion. When out at events, Bolona’s outfits are always eye catching without being over the top – complemented by matching makeup and the actress’ shinning personality. When Bolona is catching some time outdoors, perhaps with some of her favorite animals, she opts for flats and jeans or leggings, complemented by a fashionable hat.

Season Transitioning Tips: Melissa Bolona is always on the go, and she is certainly not one to fall behind when the seasons change. Her taste is practical and concise, encouraging the addition of knee high boots, a thin scarf, and a warm jacket for the autumn season. These are perfect for the warm weather seen in Los Angeles, but can also be layered if one happens to reside in a more extreme climate.


Traveling In Style: No stranger to airplanes and travel, Melissa Bolona shares her tips for traveling in style. These include an eye mask for some beauty sleep, a cashmere blanket to stay warm, and wet wipes for a bit of pre-cleaning before she settles down into her seat. A fan of reading during her travels, Bolona also lists her iPad as a carryon necessity.

Bolona has several movies that will air in 2017. She will definitely continue to stay on the go on the big screen and on the red carpet.