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Fashion Favourites – From Past To Present


Throughout history we have seen some seriously fantastic styles come and go. From the Victorian era and its corseted dresses and suits to the Zoot suits and flapper dresses of the 20s, the more serious and demure clothing of the 40s and 50s, the handmade hippie styles of the 60s into 70s and of course, probably everyone’s favourite style, the disco craze. Okay, maybe that’s not everyone’s favourite but it sure stands out and is one that seems to make the rounds every few years. Here’s a short roundup of our favourite trends of the past and the ones we hope come back around again soon. For current trends that you want to get in on, check out Chums and their fantastic catalog of popular styles for the perfect one for you.

1920s Back In Style

These days it seems the 1920s has come back with a blast from the past in terms of women’s style. While the thick lace and tassels may not be as prominent these days, the shape of hte dresses with bold colours and patterns has remained the same. These 1920s style dresses typically cover the body from shoulder to just above the knee and typically aren’t always overshaped, meaning they more or less just hang on the body, creating a loose and comfortable stylish option for work, social events and more. More intricate options can include beaded tassel appliques, deep necklines, asymmetrical shaping on the front or accents with feathers. We can thank hit TV series ‘Downton Abbey’ for reigniting the interest in 20’s fashion.

1950s PinUp

These days one of the hugest styles that has come back around and shows no sign of slowing down is that of the 1950s pinup style dresses. With tight bodices and crinoline filled skirts, these dresses are not just the ultimate in fantastic style, but also bring bright colours and a feel of the 50s to any party. 1950s inspired parties are all the rage these days where the girls and guys both dress up in party dresses and greaser style clothes. This is one trend we don’t see dying any time soon, which is great for those looking for a truly unique dress for going to weddings, christenings and the like.

Handmade Hippie Style

The 60s are back – or maybe we should ask if they ever really left. In either case, hippie chic is one of the biggest trends over the last 2 years with more and more hippie-esque clothing becoming available. Crocheted tops, ponchos, flared jeans and corduroys are back in business. Daisy chain style headbands are still consistently available from many shops and it’s pretty clear to see that the hippie style of the flower power era is #ATimelessTrend that has staying power through the ages. 2014-2016 saw an influx of hippie based clothing trends and they don’t seem to have disappeared altogether from the shops so it looks like the hippie trend is one that’s prepared to stick around for awhile still.

So what are some of your favourite trends? Which ones do you wish would make a comeback and stick around longer than a season? Which ones are you happy to see go? For more information on fashion trends, check out the cool infographic below. We’d also love to hear about your favourite trends in the comments!