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How To Dress For A Summer Wedding (Without Upstaging The Bride!)

Providing the weather is kind to you, the summer is the perfect time to have a wedding, sun shining, flowers in bloom and long days mean that not only will the photographs look amazing, but everyone can enjoy the day both inside and outside of the wedding venue. One of my favorite things about a summer wedding is that it gives the guests the perfect opportunity to don their summer clothes, bright colors, wavy dresses and you can use various hats and head pieces without worrying about them getting wet or blowing away. One danger that all women face when attending a wedding however, especially in the summer, is how to dress amazingly without upstaging the bride, to help you avoid such a wedding faux pas, here are some tips to help you out.


You Can Wear White, But Be Careful

Many consider wearing white to a wedding a big no-no, this doesn’t have to be the case, you simply need to ensure that if you are going to opt for white that you are careful in your selection. If you wear a white dress make sure that it is heavily patterned or slightly off white to avoid clashing with the bride. Dresses with embroidered diamantes or glittered pieces should be avoided and length is very important too, my recommendation would be that you keep it short as most brides will be opting for floor length pieces. Do a bit of research beforehand if you can, find out what the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing so that you can avoid the most criminal wedding fashion mistake.

Leave Risqué at Home

Upstaging the bride isn’t just when you look better or the same as her, it can also happen when women dress too sexy, the eyes should be on the bride, not on your cleavage. There is nothing wrong with showing a little bit of flesh, especially for a summer wedding but you need to ensure that you do so in a classy way, legs are fine but figure hugging dresses or plunging necklines should be avoided.

Keep it Sensible

Unless you are planning on going to a kooky-stye wedding then your dress choices should be elegant and classy, stay away from anything crazy. In the same vein as avoiding dressing too sexy, you should also avoid anything that makes the guests stare more at you than her, crazy patterns or outlandish style has no place at the wedding and doing so will only anger the bride on her special day. The best approach is to speak with your friends about your choice of outfit, you may not think it looks so crazy but your friends and family will be able to tell you the truth. The same goes for hat and hair-piece choices, these are not items that most women wear on a day-to-day basis and the mistakes that I have seen people make with these items at weddings have been nothing short of criminal. Dress carefully and seek advice if you want to avoid upstaging the beautiful bride.