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How to Get a Complete hottest Boho Style

Your styling is the core of your personality. Following the latest fashion trends helps you to create a strong persona around your character and craft your niche in your social circle. One of the latest trends in the fashion industry is the boho style. It is one of the most unique styles that help you to stand out from the crowd and register your fashion statement.

The boho style is drawn from the bohemians who were a community of impoverished artists from the nineteenth century. Like the bohemians, the boho style is known for its vibrancy, overflowing charm and free-spiritedness. Boho has made its place in all styling departments like dressing, makeup, accessories, etc. The boho leather shoulder bags have become a popular choice for completing even other looks.

Dressing in Boho Style

The boho dressing is inspired by the traveling hippies who used to carry all that they have, through their journey. Instead of carrying all their clothes, they used to prefer wearing multiple layered clothes in order to reduce their luggage. So layering is an essential element of the boho style. Putting a jacket over a fitting shirt or even over a loose tunic is a great option that goes with most personalities. Boho is a liberated and free-flowing fashion, so adding some oversized pieces to your layers will always help you turning heads. A flowing tunic or long loose maxi skirt with tight leggings will give you shape while adding a flow element. Another important aspect of the boho style is to choose vintage and environment-friendly fabric. It is always a good idea to choose your used clothes instead of buying new ones. Fabrics like chiffon, cotton, and silk will give a boost to your boho style.

Hair and Makeup in Boho Style

Long, loose and wavy hair is a natural choice to team up with your boho style. It looks liberating and adds oomph to your classic look. If your hairs are naturally wavy, it is clever to keep it that way and not overdoing it. You can also try a simple messy imperfect braid. If you like a little more complex look, you can create a braid crown over your head.

When it comes to makeup, boho style always gives emphasis on a simple, fresh and natural look. No makeup is definitely the best makeup for the boho look. Even if you want to put makeup, make sure that it is light and minimal. You can opt for an illuminating foundation that gives light coverage to cover blemishes and add freshness.

Accessorizing the Boho Style

To pump up your style game, choose metallic gold or bronze nail paints. As the outfit is pretty simple, you can add a little bit of spice to your look by picking bold but natural looking jewelry. Thread woven jewelry or jewelry with shells or beads will enhance your boho look. Complete your look by playing with scarf or hats or by incorporating funky handmade boho belts or bags.

For the last many years boho has been popular in movies, on TV, and on streets. Lisa Bonet’s Style Evolution: Badass Boho Chic Since The ’80s by HuffPost will take you through the journey of the boho fashion style.