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Rule The Mom-Dad World With A Cartier

The greatest gift you can give someone is time.

When pearls of wisdom like this come your way, it’s best to heed the advice well. Call it metaphorical, but I like to think the guys who get it know exactly what they’re talking about –wristwatches, of course! Okay, you could debate the semantics of the quote, but you’ve got to admit, my reasoning is unwaveringly solid. A wristwatch perfectly embodies the sentiment here, doesn’t it? For Einstein, time is relative, for me, time is symbolic of many things –here, the time your parents have shared together, the time they’ve spent on raising you, the time they’ve loved and supported eachother, their past, their present, and their blessed future.

On the occasion of their anniversary, what better way to celebrate their time together than by gifting them watches? It doesn’t even have to be the big ‘50’ it could be just about any time you can make it happen (or more specifically, any time your bank account allows you to). But before you go skedaddling about looking for his & her watches, you’ve got to ask yourself –which brand is right for my parents? Eachbrand has a unique style, but one that resonates with the timeless sophistication of parents’ style is none other than Cartier.

Elegant designs, exquisite materials and a distinctive appeal make Cartier the perfect present for your parents’ special day. The brand doesn’t specifically sell matching pieces, but I’ve culled out a few sets that go together beautifully –you’re welcome! So you can shop these Cartier watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques separately, by simply searching for the model numbers mentioned herewith. You can rely onthe dealer’s popular reputation among Indian watch-lovers to make an authentic purchase. Take your picking from these 6 exquisite pairs:


A classic Cartier choice –theBallon Bleu will never let you down.

Perfectly rounded with soft edges and a subdued sheen, this trademarkmodel is the epitome of all things Cartier –impeccable craftsmanship and sophisticated design. At 42mm, the men’s model complements its slender 33mm women’s counterpart beautifully like a match made in heaven (read: Cartier’s masterful workshops!). If your mother enjoys a little glamorous ornamentation, then the bedazzled model is a good alternative. The signature blue sapphire at the crown adds a touch of elegant glamour to the male and female wrist.

His: Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier W69012Z4

Her: Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier W6920071

Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier WE9003ZA


As one of the oldest watchmakers, each Cartier collection holds a unique legacy. First launched in 1912, the ‘Tortue’ collection was a complete game-changer, on account of its tortoise shell-shaped casing, as opposed to traditional round, square or rectangular counterparts. The men’s watch features a black alligator leather strap, while I’ve chosen a complete stainless steel women’s model for a nice off-set.

Despite its offbeat aesthetics, the series still retains Cartier’s signature sophistication. If your folks are a little experimental in their ways, this is what they need to give them the edge they deserve!

His: Cartier Tortue W1556363

Her: Cartier Tortue W1556365


Nothing compares to the classy brown alligator leather strap –except a glint of pink gold! This fashionableblend of materials and hues makes for a trendy style statement, without losing out on the classical qualities of the Cartier brand

The most striking feature of the Cartier Tank is the square case –created as a tribute to the victorious Allies of WWI. Capturing fearlessness and pride, the bold square dial is a unique dial. Take away a thing or two from its history, and give your parents a luxurious future!

His:Cartier Tank W5330005

Her:Cartier Tank W5200025


For the traditional couple, dual-toned metal links are the way to go.

Stainless steel and gold links have always been a favourite, and you can trust in Cartier to perfectthe classical design. The touch of satin-brushed craftsmanship gives these Cartier watchesits sophisticated artistry and lustrous finish. Slim around the wrist, both the men’s and women’s models carry similar bracelets and bezels. The difference lies in the pink mother of pearl dial on the women’s watch, and a steel version on the men’s. A timeless, graceful pairing –just like mom & dad!

His: Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier W6920075

Her: Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier W6920034


Did you know that Cartier’s Santos was the first wristwatch ever made? Well, now you do, and you can go show-off your newly acquired horological piece of history to your parents –they’d definitely be impressed. No better way to honour time than with the collection that defined modern wristwatches. Both the men’s and women’s models feature a versatile design that works for every occasion –and none better to start than mom and dad’s grand anniversary celebration!