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Sexy And Trendy Plus Sized Swimwear Is Waiting For You Online

Although many modelling agencies are being inspired by breakthroughs in the fashion industry, and have started to embrace women’s curves, finding a reflection of that at your average department store is not so simple; a trendy, sexy, curve-friendly swimsuit for example is rarely a part of their summer line. Clothing stores tend to sell smaller sizes believing that is what will sell; the plus-sized suits they do have are often unflattering on a plus-sized body because they weren’t made for one – but do they realize that the average size of a woman these days is a size 16?


Many spokeswomen advocating for plus size clothing have emerged in the media, including women who consider themselves plus-sized models. Tess Holiday, Ashley Graham, and Liris Crosse have become very popular in the modeling industry, promoting body positivity and showing women that being plus-sized is beautiful because once you own your body and love your body, regardless of size – you win.

There are places for full-figured women to find the coverage and support they need from their clothing that does not limit them to the selections provided by their local shopping mall, and that space in online. For example, is a retailer that sells sexy, curve-friendly swimsuits for women from sizes 8-34. Not only does the company provide women with trendy, flattering pieces, such as tops with ruching that won’t pinch, high-waisted bottoms to tuck in the belly, and dark colours for a slimming effect, it also promotes body positivity and community – if you’re happy with your purchase and refer a friend, you save 40% off your next buy. If you take a selfie in your new suit and tag the company via twitter or Instagram, you have a chance to be featured on the site for all plus-sized shoppers to appreciate, as many enjoy seeing their kindred women strutting their stuff with confidence.

What’s great about online stores is that they have less overhead costs associated with running business and are able to provide women with more options. However, these companies realize that many women don’t know what looks best on a plus size body, and may end up buying something they don’t actually like. This is why offers a full refund or exchange, posing no risk to the customer while still allowing the customer to try a suit out in the comfort of their home before deciding to keep it. Every woman wants swimwear that flatters her body. If you’re looking for something trendy and sexy that fits your curves, swimsuitsforall has your plus size swimsuit — all you need to do is hop online and find it!

Thanks to online specialty boutiques and outlets, women can search for and find exactly the kind of swimsuit they are looking for. Be that a one-piece, bikini, or swim dress– all will be designed for a size 8 or higher, and available in sizes higher than the XL you’d find at a brick and mortar department store. These companies realize that many women need several sizes above that, plus by being fashion forward and keeping time with changes happening in the industry, women can trust that they’ll always have the chicest looks available at their finger tips.To find ideas on what other flattering styles there are for full-figured women, consider one of the many fashion-forward and body positive blogs out there, like Nadia Aboulsohn’s, for example. You’re on your way to a fresh new you, starting with swimwear that actually fits!