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Stay On Top Of Shifting Food And Beauty Trends


It’s an imperative of any manufacturer or retailer to track the evolving buying habits of their consumers. The success of the business relies on it, as trends affect the kinds of products they want and in what quantities they’ll buy them. In the food and beauty industries, the most recent changes to consumer-led movements have been a shifting appreciation for products that are considered good or healthful. At a time when kale, gluten-free baked goods, and hand-crafted soaps are happily bought from local farmer’s markets, what’s considered ‘good’ are products with simple, recognizable ingredients that one would more likely find in their kitchen cupboard than a laboratory.

Yesterday’s highly processed and artificial products are seen with suspicion from most consumers in North America, who have gravitated towards simple, clean, and local items with fewer ingredients. People are beginning to read the back of the labels on that frozen lasagna they intend to buy for dinner or the anti-frizz shampoo they need to tame fly-aways. When they read the ingredient lists, they don’t want to stumble over alphabet-soup chemicals, left wondering as to why these unpronounceable elements are included in their dinner or soap. They want uncomplicated ingredients that, with common-sense, are easily identifiable.

As you know, many of the ingredients you once used, now cast with suspicion, were included in your products to increase food safety and shelf life. If you expect to replace these synthetics with the latest natural preservatives, you need to confirm they’ll provide the same level of quality assurance as the ingredients they intend to replace. In terms of food, these trendy, label-friendly alternatives must satisfy your need for microbial and spoilage control, Listeria inhibition, and yeast and mould control. In terms of personal care products, natural alternatives must provide the same defence against bacterial and fungal growth to extend shelf life.

Finding a supplier that can satisfy consumers’ needs without sacrificing quality control is an essential first step. Speak with an ingredient distributor like Cambrian Solutions to see what kind of label-friendly, organic, naturally-derived, or botanical preservatives can be used successfully as a replacement in your food or beauty products. With connections to a global supply network, an additive distributor is a trusted source for clean-label ingredients. They’ve scoured the world for the top-rated additives that meet the changing needs of your consumers.

When you partner with the team at Cambrian, you can expect to work alongside technical chemists and process developers who can solve your unique manufacturing problems. Their solutions will maintain or even improve your current quality standards while tapping into market trends that favour natural, healthful products. Whether you’re in the food or beauty industry, an additive supplier can help you include the uncomplicated ingredients your consumers demand, helping your business evolve right alongside the market.