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Top Water Resistant Watches by Rolex

All swimmers, divers need water resistant watches. But it’s also great for those who don’t want to take their watches off while just washing hands. It should be kept in mind that different levels of resistance allow for different water related activities. For instance, if it’s resistant up to 100m, the watch can be worn for swimming and if resistance goes past 300m, it can be worn while diving.

Some of our favourites belong to Rolex watch collections.  The brand has a wonderful collection of water resistant watches that can be worn at work as well as on vacations.

We have picked 4 new timepieces that will totally win you over. Have a look.

Submariner Date

The Submariner has a deep-rooted history in the Rolex armory. It was introduced almost 60 years ago and stands to be one of the most popular and versatile watches from the brand. Over the years, it has evolved even though the soul of the watch is intact. Initially, it was designed specifically for underwater exploration and diving. But, today, it’s a luxury any man would love to own.

The latest model, 40mm white gold Submariner Date is a benchmark in the series. With a water resistance of up to 300m, this luxury timepiece will see you through all kinds of water sports. Apart from that, it’s made with 18ct gold and comes with Chromalight display on the dial, which ensures a steady blue glow for eight hours straight! The watch is equipped with an oyster bracelet and clasp with a Glidelock technology that gives you total comfort and ease wherever you plan to go with it.

Submariner (Without Date) in Black Dial

At 40mm, Rolex Submariners are some of the smallest watches you can wear. Reliability, simplicity and attractiveness are only some of their traits. They are similar to the one mentioned above, the difference– lack of a date window and a black dial. Absence just enhances the overall look.

It’s built with 904L steel, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and is powered by Calibre 3130. Water resistant up to 300m with luminescent markers on the dial, it’s comfortable to be worn on land or sea.


The Sea Dweller came into existence in the 60s. A deep-sea diving company, Comex, came to Rolex requesting a dive watch that could function deeper under water for a longer period of time. Rolex devised the first Sea-Dweller with a water resistance level of 600m. 60 years down the line, the 2017 edition of Sea-Dweller is the go to choice for deep under water diving and explorations. With a staggering 1,220m water resistance level you can be sure to conquer the deepest oceans!

In terms of design, the new Sea-Dweller stays true to the original model. But it features a bunch of new additions. The case is now 43mm, making it the largest in the collection. It also features a Cyclops Lens (date window), which was never to be seen in any of the Sea-Dwellers. The new Calibre 3235, an automatic movement with a 70-hour power reserve, along with its massive capacity to breathe under water makes it a collector’s favorite!

Deepsea D-Blue

Rolex launched the Deepsea D-Blue to commemorate James Cameron’s record setting journey to the deepest point on Earth in 2012. The graduated blue to black tones on the dial is meant to reflect the deep sea. A true underwater beast, this timepiece is water resistant up to 3,900m. That’s almost three times as much as the classic diver’s watch mentioned above, Sea Dweller, and can go way deeper than a nuclear submarine underwater. The D-Blue is currently the most high performance underwater watch by Rolex and also the largest. The case is 17.7mm thick and 44mm broad which comes on an Oyster-style bracelet and is made from 904L steel. It offers features with massive water resistance such as a Ring Lock System and a special 5mm thick sapphire crystal dial to withstand underwater pressure. If you’re a professional diver, you’ve found your match!