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Your Sassy And Classy Guide To Dressing For A Music Festival (All Seasons)

In my opinion, music festivals are the single best way to spend a weekend, 3 or 4 days in the outdoors, listening to a huge array of music that crosses all genres, people-watching, relaxing, drinking, chatting and generally forgetting about the World for a while. Music festivals are like a little bubble that you and thousands of others have decided to live in for a while where nothing from your daily life can touch you. Despite the image of muddy ground and sweaty people rolling on the floor in a sodden field, this doesn’t have to be the case and festivals give you a great opportunity to rock some sassy festival fashion. If you are planning on hitting any festivals this year then here are the must-haves that you need to take with you to keep things stylish.



The best thing about music festival clothing? Wellies, no longer are these those horrible green things that your dad uses when he’s in the garden, nowadays wellies are the ultimate fashion statement during festival season. You can buy wellies in every color available and with some amazing designs, from flowers to film characters, you name it. Wellies are comfortable, fashionable and practical, it doesn’t get much better than that. Just make sure you buy some good socks!


As perfect as a sunny day is for a music festival, there is also a strong chance that it will be a washout and you need to be prepared for both, that is where the shorts come in. Skin dries far quicker than clothing so if it rains you will have no problems drying off if you’ve been wearing some shorts. Naturally if the sun is shining, then you may even be able to bronze those legs with a cool pair of shorts. My favorite shorts to wear at a festival is a pair of denims, I like them nice and short with the insides of the pockets hanging below, if you’re paranoid about your legs then you can always put some leggings on underneath.


Nighttime at a festival can get pretty chilly, you can avoid the cold by rocking a cool hippy-style poncho. Ponchos are brilliant, they allow you to move freely, unlike with a chunky coat, and they will keep you warm and dry. Most festivals will sell them on site, usually natural fabrics but costs can be high, get prepared early and buy one before hand, there are plenty of high street and online shops that sell them at a great price.

There’s my top 3 fashion tips that you need to pack in your festival bag, the only other advice I would give is that accessories should be left at home, I can’t tell you the number of earrings and necklaces that I’ve either lost or have broken at a festival. If you do insist on sprucing up your outfit then look at cheap hair scarves or even bracelets that you can pick up for little cost and don’t mind losing, anything of value should be left on the dresser, it will get lost in the madness!