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2017 Summer Beauty Trends


Summer is here and with it comes a whole host of new and unique summer beauty trends. Each season has its own set of trends, and summer 2017 is set to be one of the coolest, most unique in years. Add to the fact that 2017 is the fifty year anniversary of the summer of love, and the hippie image is making a comeback. Here are a couple of quick beauty tips and trends this summer so you can get on and rock that summer look, where ever you are!

Rock Those Hippie Eyes

Hippie makeup tends to be on the low key level, with rosy cheeks, a dewy complexion and light on eye makeup. That being said, hippies also tended to used interesting appliqu├ęs such as rhinestone gems near their eyes, drawn on flowers such as daisies and stars or brighter coloured eye makeup like blues and pinks. Likewise, go light on the mascara to finish the look and start enjoying your new fresh and clean look.

Dewy Skin Is In

When isn’t dewy skin the in thing? Well, in summer it’s in even more! Use a good moisturiser for your skin and for an added punch of benefit, make sure it has a level of sun protection already inside. Most moisturisers these days come with SPF 25 or higher, which makes them the ideal accompaniment for summer. Get the morning dew look and add a touch of colour with your favourite bronzer dusted on your eyelids and cheekbones for a sunkissed look without the sun damage.

Glitter Is Fitter!

Who doesn’t like a bit of the shiny stuff? Glitter has almost a million uses and instantly glams up any look, regardless of its formality. Whether it’s on the eyes, in the hair, on the body or on the lips, glitter instantly gives you a bit of dazzle and makes you feel like some kind of fairy or ice princess. For a truly bold look use it on lower eyelids or on lips.

Bold Lips All Day

Bold lip colour is also hot this season, with some more unique colours like purples and blues making a comeback from the depths of the 90s. Bright red lips looks great and effortless on a minimally makeupped face, so go sparing on the eyes if you’re going to play with deep, bold lip colours.

Hair To Spare

Textured hair done with salt sprays and the like are all the rage this summer for those beachy locks to stop the show. For updo’s the messy bun continues to be a favourite along with hair worn down with the occasional mini-plait for a bohemian look without much work. Try both this season for fun in the sun to keep your hair looking lush and fresh.

There you have some of the seasons best beauty and makeup trends. Get your summer off to the right start by checking out these and other trends such as those provided by Ellisons on their website or through pages such as https://www.ellisons.co.uk/beauty/salon-essentials/couch-protection.html

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