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3 Benefits of Wearing Compression Stockings

There are many benefits of compression stockings for a wide range of people, whether they need them for medical reasons or for work, for working out or just to reduce their discomfort. Compression stockings work by helping veins and the legs in general, through increased circulation. They can be found at medical clinics typically, including those in Toronto such as Feet First Clinic, and you’ll want to make sure they are properly fitted for you to get the best benefits depending on your needs.

Let’s look at the benefits for each section of the population:

Benefits for Health Issues

Compression stockings can benefit those with many different health issues from those at risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) to diabetes. For those with DVT, there is a complication called post-thrombotic syndrome that can cause symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to more serious issues. For those wearing compression stockings for increased circulation, the rate of severe symptoms is reduced from 12% to 5%. For those experiencing any symptoms of post thrombotic syndrome the rates were reduced from 46% to just 26%.

When it comes to diabetes, it is very important for patients to care for their feet due to the high risk of complications that can lead to amputation; compression stockings can greatly reduce the risk of these complications. Additionally, when it comes to pregnancy, these stockings can help reduce the discomfort associated with swelling, providing relief for the mother to be.

Benefits for Immobility

Those who have had recent surgery and are unable to get out of bed to walk regularly can benefit from compression stockings to keep blood flowing through the legs as it should. A job that requires standing in one place for long periods of time, or even sitting at a desk for long periods of time may cause issues with circulation. In this instance, stockings can reduce the risk of complications due to poor circulation. For those who travel a lot, compression stockings can help reduce the risk of DVT, especially for pilots who are sitting in a plane for long periods of time. We don’t think of sitting still as something that will cause health problems, but the modern era, in which most people’s jobs involve sitting still for long periods of time, has proved this assumption to be false. Back, neck, foot and knee problems have all been linked to sitting for long stretches.

Benefits for Athletes

In the last few years, athletes have found many benefits from wearing compression stockings, especially when running, cycling, or jumping. When active for long periods of time, compression stockings for athletes can help reduce muscle fatigue and help with recovery times by helping send oxygen to the muscles through increased circulation. It can also reduce the amount and severity of muscle cramps as well as reduce the soreness after a workout by lowering the lactic acid levels that can build up in the legs.

It seems that many people – not just in the Toronto area, where Feet First Clinic is located, but everywhere – can benefit from the use of compression stockings, whether they are recommended to them for medical purposes or they want to up their game when running. With so many benefits, it might be worth it to try a pair and see how they can help you.