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4 Factors To Consider When Starting a Family

One of the most exciting and rewarding moments in the lives of any couple is their baby arrives, and they become parents for the first time. However, it can be a difficult, painful and stressful road to get to this incredible moment, and it’s important that couples give it a lot of thought before they plan to start a family.

Let’s take a look at four of the most common factors that all couples should consider before they start a family:

Everything Will Change

It is a cliché to say that life is never the same once you start a family, but these clichés exist because they are absolutely true. For the next few years at least, your particular lifestyles will be stopped completely, and all of your time and efforts will be spent on bringing the little one into the world and shaping the next few years of their lives.

Your lives are never going to be the same, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you are planning to travel the world for a year or two, these plans might have to go on the backburner for a while, but your life doesn’t stop forever just because you become parents. Just be aware that the cozy life you are living now will be thrown into chaos for a while. However, the joy of your family will more than make up for this.

Are Your Finances in a Good Position?

Starting a family is going to hit your finances pretty hard. Children are not cheap, so expect your cleaning, health, food and clothing bills to increase significantly. Although you will certainly be aware of this, whether you are prepared for it is another thing entirely. Do you have a savings account that you can delve into in order to get all the equipment you will need – from cots to prams – and all the other costs that come from starting a family, such as the loss of earnings due to maternity pay and the potential break from work while the little one is still tiny. These are all financial factors that should be considered before starting a family.

The Nightmare Scenario

The nightmare scenario for couples who have their hearts set on becoming parents is that it is just not medically possible. There are a number of possible reasons for this, from both the male and female side, and there are medical procedures such as IVF that could see your dream come true. However, in the event that you and your partner can’t conceive, there are other options beyond the standard, natural birth. You could look to adopt a child or have a surrogate pregnancy via a donor, friend or family member. Whatever you decide to do, you will be bringing a new life into the world, and it will change your life forever, so consider all possible outcomes before you make your decision.  

Your Careers Might Be Affected By The Decision

If you are a career-minded person, the decision to start a family could have a serious effect on your career plans. At the very least, it could put you back a couple of years as you adjust to life as a parent and cope with everything it brings your way. For the mother, there could be even longer off the career ladder, as you first adjust to life as a mother and finish your maternity leave, before facing that huge decision of whether you go back into the world of work with the same level of ambition and drive as you did before. Many mothers do, but some find it difficult to be apart from their children once that time comes, so it is definitely a big decision for couples with careers.