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6 Reasons Why You Should Quit (Or Cut Down On Coffee)

No matter where you go in the World you are bound to see a Starbucks or cafe on the corner of the street, coffee has taken over as everyone’s favorite drink of choice yet many fail to see the dangers involved with taking in too much. Whilst there are benefits to caffeine intake, from both a health point of view and from an energy-boosting point of view, there is, like many things in this life, a limit to how much is too much. If you are unaware of the negative side of drinking to much coffee and why you should cut down on how much you drink, then read on for the truth about the benefits you will receive from drinking less of the tasty black stuff.



In its purest form, caffeine is a drug and like many drugs, it is addictive, when you drink coffee your body receives a boost in energy, caffeine helps to send chemicals flying around the body helping you stay more alert and more active. As the caffeine levels in your body drops, the body craves more, the idea of having an addiction would horrify most people and just because coffee is legal and sold in cute little cups, doesn’t mean that it is any less addictive than cigarettes or other drugs, break the cycle and free yourself from addiction.

Save Money

For many of us who pick up a coffee before work, on our lunch hour or when we are out and about, a couple of bucks for a coffee doesn’t seem like much, the cost however adds up over time and you can save yourself a lot of money by cutting down. Let’s assume you buy 2 cups a day at $2 per cup, that works out at $1465, the average American earns around $50,000 per year, that means that an average person buying 2 cups of coffee per day would spend almost 3% of their annual wages on coffee alone, staggering, cut down the coffee and save some money.

Better Sleep

Many of us head straight for a cup of Joe when we first wake up to give us a much needed boost to start the day, this in itself isn’t bad but many don’t know at which hour they should stop drinking coffee. Drinking coffee too late leads to many sleep problems, either not being able to sleep or having poor sleep in general. Your body will be full of energy for at least 4-6 hours after a cup of coffee and this has a cumulative effect, drink less coffee and enjoy a higher quality of sleep.

Improved Mood

Because of the inflated energy which coffee gives us and the chemicals that it sends flying around your body, we see a boost in mood after drinking coffee. When the caffeine leaves our system we often feel a crash in energy levels as well as mood as our body craves more, this leads to mood swings which can be avoided by cutting down on coffee.

Dental Benefits

Coffee is terrible for your teeth, from a health perspective there isn’t too much danger but coffee stains teeth and leads to a yellowy/brown stain on your pearly whites. It stands to reason then, that drinking less coffee and brushing your teeth regularly can help to avoid having discolored teeth.

Improved Skin Quality

Coffee is a diuretic and it strips the body of water, when this happens we become dehydrated as the body looks to replace the lost fluids, this is very dangerous for your skin. Healthy skin requires hydration and without it you will see your skin drying out and giving a wrinkled and saggy appearance. It seems crazy that a couple of cups of coffee per day can lead to such consequences but if you want beautiful looking skin, cut out the coffee.