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All You Need to Know about Body Contouring after Weight Loss Surgery


If you have had bariatric surgery of any kind, and it has been successful, you are likely to be left with a lot of excess skin. The heavier you were and the more weight you lose, the more skin you will have to cope with as well. Unfortunately, for many people, this means that they feel as if they look much worse after their surgery than what they did before. And sometimes, this is actually true. There have been cases where skin literally hangs off a person’s body, which can lead to various health complications such as body sores. Luckily, there is an answer: body contouring. This is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve the shape of body they have always wanted, whether they have had bariatric surgery or not.

What Is Body Contouring Surgery?

If you were to investigate the procedures offered by a clinic like Sono Bello, you will quickly find that body contouring is not just one procedure. Rather, it is a combination of numerous procedures designed to return your body to its normal state. The most common one, however, is the physical removal of excess skin. This is also why the procedure is generally not suitable for people who have been at a stable weight for less than three months, as a surgeon needs to be sure you will not lose even more weight, or put some back on. The recovery time for this part of the procedure is usually about 10 days.

It is also quite common for clinics to offer a breast lift as part of their body contouring service. Breast tissue is likely to be incredibly saggy after someone has lost a lot of weight. In some cases, it is minimal enough to simply perform a lift. Others will require some type of implant as well. Recovery time for breast lifts and augmentations is usually one or two days.

Next, there is abdominal etching. Here, stubborn fat is taken out of the stomach area, after which the skin is tightened up. If you have been working on your abs, you will find that they should up quite clearly after this procedure. You will need to wear a surgical garment for about six weeks after this procedure, and you will be out of circulation for at least two weeks as well.

The Technical Aspects of the Procedures

The different procedures that are offered as part of body contouring usually take between two and five hours to complete, and you will be under general anesthesia during this time. It is quite common for patients to have to come back multiple times in order to have every procedure completed. You will be informed about this, however.

How long your recovery takes depends on a number of different factors. Unfortunately, research has shown that people who lost a lot of weight, and particularly after weight loss surgery, tend to have nutritional deficiencies. This means the procedure will take quite a toll on your body, and it is likely that recovery will take quite some time as well. However, your surgeon should have discussed all of this with you before you agreed to have the surgery completed.