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Alton Ingram MD – Keeping up With the Latest Trend: Lip Fillers

Alton Ingram MD explains that the process of enhancing lips via plastic surgery uses Collagen or Hyaluronic Acid (HA). One of these chemical combinations is injected into the lips, to increase their volume and size. Collagen will naturally enhance the size of the lip whereas the hyaluronic acid fillers will also do this, as well as trapping excess water inside the lips. This motion will then create a natural much fuller pout. Lip enhancements are now seen, overall, as a very positive experience and many wouldn’t leave the house without them!

There has been a significant increase in the amount of people wanting their lips to be enhanced. The trend has been introduced to the masses by celebrities such as Kyle Jenner and the Kardashians.  Everyone is searching for the latest trend the “plump pout.” The procedure which used to be preserved for celebrities, or those living in the state of Florida, has become more and more popular. This non-surgical cosmetic surgery process, often reserved for the rich and famous, is now being sought out by the masses and is being carried out, in abundance, in every state throughout the USA. The statistics now show that over £27,000 lip procedures take place each year in all states which means that one surgery is performed every 20 minutes.

There are still things that you need to be aware of before choosing to have the procedure including the choice of a reputable surgeon, such as Dr Ingram and you must be willing to follow all of the guidelines, procedures and advice that he would give to you after carrying out this procedure.

There are many different products on the market which will create more natural or more extreme pouts depending on your preference. Dr Ingram has a full selection of products at his disposal.  If your lips are rather small when you begin the process, then you may need a few sessions before you get the desired result. Once this result is achieved the procedure will need to be repeated every four to six months, dependent upon your age and the exact materials preferred and used.

Dr Ingram will build up this process in layers to achieve the exact result and look that you are seeking. If you are concerned about the procedure being painful then a numbing gel or a dental block can be used. Although many procedures will be carried out without using any drugs. All of this will be discussed before the surgery.

Dr Ingram would always offer a great after care package to his clients, he would advise them that their lips may be slightly swollen after the procedure and for the first 24 hours. He would recommend patients putting ice on to their lips and taking arnica tablets to counter the bruising. He would request that you take it easy for a couple of days and if you are not quite feeling yourself he would be available at all times, for any queries that you may have. If in doubt always consult your doctor.