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Amazing Winstrol Results on Bodybuilding

Winstrol is among the well-known anabolics that are present in the market. It is advantageous because leads to effective loss of fat from the body leading to an increase in the toned muscles.  Many people use it effectively in the cutting cycle to decrease fat gained in the body. It is marketed in the drug market in different names one of it is Stanozolol RWR.  If you are deciding to use this steroid, then it is important to understand more about it.   You should know more about the effects of steroid and weigh the different benefits of the situation.


Winstrol was present in the drug market for decades and has led to an effective increase of lean, toned look of the muscles. It had been introduced in the prescription drug market by the Winthrop Laboratories in the late 1950s.  This steroid has been in the limelight in the news due to the innumerable controversies that have been surrounding it. It is chemically similar to a naturally present hormone that is present in the body Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The modifications to the parent DHT structure make it more effective due to the introduction of a pyrazole of the A-ring to a modification to a 3- keto group. A methyl group replacement at the 17- carbon classifies it as a C17-aa type of steroid.  This modification gives the added stability to the structure of the compound and makes it more resistant to degradation in the first passage through the liver. Many such interesting facts about the steroid can be found on many online sites like

Effects of Winstrol

It is better to understand the effects of the drug and weigh the pro and cons of the situation before using it personally. This drug has been exploited by many of the people of the bodybuilding community to have lean muscles without compromising on the muscle mass.  It has the significantly more anabolic power to the testosterone than but reduced androgenic activity. The anabolic leads to a decrease in the level of Serum Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) level in the blood which increases the free hormone in the body.  It causes an increase in the nitrogen content of the body with an increase in the effect of protein synthesized. It decreases the level of glucocorticoid levels in the body leading to fat loss in the body. It is due to this reason that many people use it. Still, care needs to be taken in use of this drug as it is highly hepatotoxic. Careful use of this steroid can supersede the negative effects of the body.

Stanozolol effect in bodybuilding

The Stanozolol RWR is grouped as a controlled substance under the Anabolic steroid control act of 1990 and classified in the Class III category. It is due to this reason that many restrictions have been put in place to prevent the abuse of it. In fact, legalities of the use of the steroid vary in different countries, and one must consult the various regulations of a particular country before considering use. Many people of the bodybuilding community effectively use this steroid for the loss of fat in the body. Use of this steroid responsibly with a change in diet and a healthy workout regime leads to effective tone muscle. Many of similar effects of the steroid can be found on different sites like the