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Benefits of the Bemer Classic


Since its inception into the consumer wellness and medical device industry, the Bemer Classic has been a resolute and reliable sentinel in the race of technological advance and discovery in Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Bemer 3000, the Bemer Classic brought with it advanced push-button technology and many of the ground-breaking features that will continue to be a constant foundation of Bemer product innovation.

A Bemer Classic unit offers many programs and applicators similar to a Bemer Pro unit, but has a more minimal range of accessories that come with it.  Bemer users can always add these accessories individually should they see the need later on.

The Bemer Classic comes with the control unit, aptly named, the B.Box Classic.  It has three predefined programs and 10 intensity levels to choose from, which is the same as it’s Bemer Pro counterpart.

A graphic display—while not a touch screen—acts as the brains behind the Bemer Classic, and offers very intuitive and easy-to-use programming and control, to insure that users are efficient and correct in their usage.

Basic use of the Bemer Classic begins with only two short 8-minute treatments per day.  Results and overall improvements in energy and well-being can be felt very quickly.  From people experiencing pain and discomfort, to just general sluggishness, the Bemer Classic can combat many ailments and dysfunctions, when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

The Bemer Classic includes applicators such as the B.Body Classic mat, the B. Grip, and the B.Spot.  These are the applicators that get the most routine use, and provide a wide variety of improvement options to blood flow and overall wellness and body maintenance.

The Bemer Classic is built for longevity, and carries with it user warranty policies, and a wealth of research and technology that went into its creation.  It is being used by individuals and highly trained practitioners all around the world, every single day.