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Dan DeKoter On The Benefits Of Small Town Life

Do you prefer to live in a  big city or a small town? For sure there are benefits and disadvantages to both options, but which do you think would suit you better? This is something that I have been talking about with my friend Dan DeKoter recently, as I may very well be heading off to work in New York for a while. My friend and I are residents of Osceola County ini Iowa, a small county with just under 7,000 as the population. Dan is an attorney at law in Des Moines yet he refused to leave this small town for the bright lights of the city, and this is why.

Slower Pace

There is a much slower pace of life in smaller towns, here there is no hustle and bustle, there is no chaos, and there are no people rushing around like crazy trying to get stuff done. This greatly helps to lower your stress levels in and around your home, and you can feel very relaxed in a small town.

Fewer People

Fewer people means fewer crowds, perfect for a Saturday night out or when there is an event on, or even when you go to the local movie theater. What you do get with small towns are busy places but not places which are ever overcrowded.

Less Crime

It is a statistical fact that small towns have much lower crime figures, and that the majority of crimes which are committed, take place inside cities and suburbs. As an example of that, here in Osceola County, kids don’t need to chain their bikes up outside, they can play unattended, and most people generally leave their homes unlocked when they are inside. The reason for all of this is because we have low crime figures and a tight knit community.

Cost of Living

Unless you are talking about an exclusive out-of-town settlement, the cost of living in small towns is far, far lower than city living. We are not just talking about rent here either, monthly bills, groceries and services are all far cheaper in a small town than in a big city. On top of this, smaller towns generally have much lower taxes to pay, because of geographical location.

Traffic and Pollution

Traffic and pollution are big issues for a great number of big cities, and there are local governments who are working tirelessly to try and remedy this problem. Here in the small towns, the worst traffic you may get is when the tractor is heading back from the farm! Equally the level of pollution is minimal or non-existent in smaller towns, which is great for your overall health. Not only can you get to places much quicker in smaller towns, you will be able to do so without the stress of traffic.

Which do you prefer, small town living or big city living? Let us know what you think.