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George Ammar: How to maintain a healthy lifestyle with little time

There’s no doubt that there has been a shift in philosophies when it comes to exercising over the last few years. Individuals are increasing their resilience to the “couch potato” lifestyle, and are instead turning to gym memberships and general healthy living.

Studies have proven that a lot of business leaders have bought into the practice, and make sure that they incorporate exercise into their busy regime. Whether they are based in Cleveland, Ohio, or another part of the world, this is proving to be the case.

As you may have already gathered, George Ammar is one individual who falls into this category. He happens to be based in Cleveland in Ohio, having been the founder and owner of Ohio CFO LLC, which is CPA certified. Through the course of today’s article we will take a look at some of the best tips he has to offer in relation to finding the time to live so healthily.

The power of turning off snooze

If you were to read any sleep education directory, this would probably top the list. As much as many of us love the snooze function, according to George S. Ammar this is one of the big reasons why a lot of us don’t get the gym.

He claims that by waking up as soon as your alarm clock goes off, you can buy yourself as many as twenty extra minutes for the day. Considering the fact that HIIT is all the rage right now, the amount of good you can do with a twenty minute workout should definitely not be underestimated.

The rise of the walking meeting

You might have to have some resilience to push this through initially, but particularly if you are basking in the summer in Cleveland, Ohio, it shouldn’t be long until the rest of your team buy into the walking meeting.

This is a concept that the name describes down to a tee. Rather than sitting round a desk, the idea is that you will venture out and get some exercise under your belt in the process.

According to George Ammar, there are most certainly times and places for this – and some meetings won’t be appropriate. However, he has found that they can work very well and burn some calories rather than subjecting yourself to the sedentary lifestyle that meetings tend to promote.

Reconsider your means of getting to work

This final suggestion is probably quite obvious, but your means of getting to work should also be under scrutiny as well. If you are based somewhere like Cleveland, Ohio, it goes without saying that you have a wealth of options open to you in relation to public transport.

Firstly, don’t let this deter you from your exercise regime. There are workouts out there which allow you to exercise your abs from a sitting down position – with nobody around you being any the wiser.

Of course, there is also the walking option. For those of you who might live at the other side of Ohio, this doesn’t have to be a stumbling block either. While you may have to get the bus for some of your journey, George Ammar has said in the past that there’s nothing wrong with getting off the bus a stop earlier in a bid to give your legs a little more exercise for the commute.