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In Home Stair Lifts – Why You Need One



Inevitably throughout the course of our lives we will find that our mobility decreases and we aren’t able to do the things we used to be able to do, such as going for long walks or doing seemingly simple at home tasks like climbing the stairs. For some people the option of moving to a bungalow or single storey house isn’t there, so the next best thing can be renovating aspects of the house to allow us to remain in the same home, but without having the challenges.

Where To Start

Renovating a home for an ageing relative or friend doesn’t have to be difficult. It can help to make a list of potential hazards or problems and how best to fix them. For example, does the person suffer from increasing arthritis in the hands? Having doorknobs can be difficult for them to use if they have a bad day with the arthritis, which can be frustrating and upsetting for them. Other things to consider are the ability to bend and get things out of cupboards, the ability for them to keep the home clean – perhaps limit the amount of surfaces that would require cleaning or opt for flooring options that don’t need to be cleaned as often. Consider any tripping hazards such as doorways where there is a change in flooring from tile to carpet and think about ways you can lessen the hazard.

Options For Renovating

When you have made a list of things to improve or change for the home that will help your relative – or yourself – keep your same living arrangements for longer, the next step is to look into options that will help you get the house changed. You might do it over a longer period of time, such as years, depending on your age and health, or you might want to get it all done at once to save yourself a prolonged period of all the renovations that need to be made. Options for renovating can be to get a home stair lift fitted to allow you to access the second floor without having to walk up and down the stairs, something that can become more and more difficult as we age.

More Options For Changes

If you’re wanting to remain in your home for a longer period of time but things such as getting out of bed in the morning are becoming a struggle you can start looking into things such as moveable beds – ones that will help sit you up to help you get out of bed on your own. Investments such as these can go a long way, and can easily be handed down to other members of the family or given away as people are always looking for orthopaedic beds and things of that nature. Other things you can consider are using orthotics to help you when walking. Some people will find that hip and back issues are caused by how they’re walking and not necessarily by age. Often the “how” in walking comes down to the shoes, which can then be adjusted with the use of orthotic inserts or fully orthotic shoes to help correct walking posture.

So there you have a couple of great ways to change up your house to get ready for the potential challenges you may face as you age, or perhaps ideas for an elderly parent, grandparent or friend. There are a number of options out there these days to help elderly people retain their independence, which is a great way to help prolong wellness and happiness.