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How You Can Use Your Home To Optimize Your Health

Your home will be one of the things in life that you are most proud of, as it may have taken you a long time to work to where you are at now. Whether it is a family home, your own apartment, or rented accommodation, it is where you spend most of your time. From the moment you wake up, to when your head hits the pillow after a long working day, it is your comfortable space and is particularly comforting if you’re feeling under the weather. However, there are parts of your home which may be contributing to such ill health, which can luckily be solved in a few quick, short steps.

Have fresh air flowing

Many homes will keep their windows and doors shut at all times in order to keep the cold out in winter months. Yet, this can mean that the air in their homes isn’t fresh, but stale. This is why it’s best to have an air conditioning system on (even set at a warmer setting) to help you bring fresh air into your home. Using a trusted brand like Clements to fit and repair your air conditioning will put you in good stead for summer also, as it will boost the longevity you need to keep your home cool.

Invest in an air purifier

It is all well and good having more air flowing through your house, but there may be times when your air is affected by spots of damp in your house. To start with, remove such spots using a mold cleaner, or ask an expert to clean it. Then, you should invest in an air purifier to ensure that the air you are taking into your lungs is of the highest quality.

Bring plants inside

Another way to purify your air is by having lots of plants indoors. Having such foliage in each room adds more oxygen into the air you breathe and removes any harmful toxins that could be hovering in the atmosphere. There are many ways you can introduce plants into your home, such as having your own herb allotment in your kitchen or bringing colorful flowers inside to add a pop of color to any room.

De-clutter your belongings

One thing that may be contributing to poor air quality in your home is dust, which can bring bad problems to those who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma. This dust could be in your home due to an excess amount of belongings that are cluttering your rooms. Cut down on clutter by having a clear out of one room each day, by selling unwanted items, or by investing in innovative storage solutions so that dust doesn’t gather.

Let natural light in

Having exposure to the sun does wonders for both your body and mind, with Vitamin D being the key ingredient many people need to stay happy in winter months. With the rise of mental health problems around the world, do your bit to keep your mind healthy by letting a good amount of natural light indoors. You can do this by taking the plunge and re-fitting your windows to make them bigger, or by putting mirrors around your home to reflect natural light everywhere. In cases where this isn’t an option, buy a UV light to give you your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Filter tap water

You tap water could be what is exacerbating some of your health problems, due to the chemicals that remain in it long after being cleaned. The only way to fully remove these chemicals is to boil your water before cooling it each time, but unfortunately, this takes up a lot of time and effort for a glass of water, so you could buy a filter jug to store in your fridge that you can top up all the time.

Clear out your fridge

Homes are a place of comfort for people, which often means there is a lot of junk food lying around the house. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can remove temptation by having a clear out of all the unhealthy foods in your home, which will be a great kick-starter to your new balanced diet. For treats, make a small spot that is reserved for your favorite, more unhealthy items, so that it is easier to practice self-control when you indulge.

Use natural cleaning products

When it comes to cleaning your home, you may think that using the strongest, most chemical-filled products is the key to having the bacteria-free home. However, the best route is to use natural cleaning products, as you will otherwise be inhaling toxic fumes from the cleaning materials you are using. White wine vinegar, lemon, and bicarbonate of soda are three natural cleaning ingredients you should use when making your own home solutions.

Evoke a spa

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, which is why your home should be optimized for this purpose, too. Often, what makes people feel calm and de-stressed is when they have the relaxing environment of a spa around them. This includes the essential oils that burn in the background, to having luxurious bath products and fluffy towels which can help you practice self-care. In any case, there are ways you can kit out your bathroom that won’t cost a lot, but which will help ease any worries going on in your life.

Create a calm bedroom

Having spa features in your home is a great start to promoting a calm atmosphere, but your bedroom is the place where you can reap the most benefits from being calm. Having a relaxed bedroom will mean that you are able to sleep better at night, that you feel cradled by soft furnishings when you are feeling unwell, and that you can ease any snappiness that may be occurring from stress. Having scented candles, extra soft blankets and cushions, as well as a few of your favorite books nearby will make it a great escape for you to sleep in.