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Now There’s A Safer Trampoline On The Market

Trampolines can be extremely entertaining for younger children and for individuals looking to make their daily physical activity a little more airborne – it’s a great way to get active without always feeling like you are working while doing it when in truth, trampolines can give you just as much if not more of a cardio workout than cycling or running. What’s encouraging is that there are companies out there making a variety of technological advances to their trampoline designs; they are not only becoming more sophisticated, but safer.

One of these companies is Springfree Trampoline, best known for their award-winning engineering designed to make common trampoline injuries a thing of the past. They have now started implementing a new piece of technology into their trampoline’s DNA – the tgoma game system, making it the world’s first smart trampoline.

The tgoma game system is an entertainment device that can track activity on trampolines, allowing users to set goals, participate in events, and compare high scores with friends, family, and jumpers all over the world. There are sensors built into the SoftEdge mat that communicate where the individuals are moving around on the surface via Bluetooth. There are plenty of educational games— such as “Math Hopper” —that come installed on tgoma helping boost creativity in children by encouraging them to make up their own games while keeping themselves moving. There are also different accessories that can be purchased with one of these trampolines – the Flexrhoop accessory is a small basketball hoop that can be attached to the structure. With the added jumping support of a trampoline, both adults and children can practice their slam dunks and gain athletic confidence.


However, we cannot discuss Springfree without taking a moment to talk about the safety features. The company has worked with engineers to remove dangerous aspects from the traditional trampoline design that cause ninety percent of all trampoline related injuries. Some of these decisions include hiding the frame below the jumping surface, preventing jumpers from colliding with it. They’ve also removed springs completely in favour of using flexible composite rods, which also support the net enclosure helping to gently guide the jumper back towards the centre of the playing area.

Furthermore, all of their trampolines are built with the highest quality materials, and tested time and time again for quality assurance. Their products are so durable, that they have the capacity to hold up the weight of an SUV landing on the jumping surface, and the structure is made to hold around a dozen school-aged children safely for play. In addition, these trampolines are made to withstand the weather all year round (even snow and heavy rain), without showing signs of tearing, breaking, or bending in the frame.

To conclude, the company continues to get recognized by winning The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, and International Design Award. Parents will feel confident knowing that the trampoline they choose comes highly recommended by other parents around the country.