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Reasons to Avoid Polyester Bags in Your Daily Life


Products made of polyester may last a long time and may look good due to the dyes used to give them their color, but in the long run these products are very bad for the environment and also bad for those who may come after us. Polyester takes a long time to break down and does so gradually, so the effect is drawn out and bad from start to finish. Below are a few reasons why a garment or bag made of polyester is not a smart purchase.

It Takes a Lot of Oil to Make Polyester

Each year, roughly 70 million barrels of oil are used to make Polyester. This means that much more petroleum that is not going to fuel and other more productive uses. Meanwhile, there are alternative materials that don’t tie up that much oil and also break down in a manner that is not impactful to the environment.

Synthetic Garments like Polyester are the Biggest Source of Microplastic Pollution in the Oceans

These fibers do not break down easily, and they tend to stay in the eco-system because fibers wash off of the garment each time it is washed, leading to up to 1900 fibers released into the environment for each garment made of this fabric EACH TIME it is washed.

Polyester Requires More Energy for Production

It takes twice as much energy to produce a garment made of polyester as it does one of conventional cotton. This means it takes that much more energy away from alternative uses to make sure these garments are made of a fabric that is continually providing a negative impact on the environment around the wearer.

The production of this material requires the use of carcinogens as well. When these are released into the environment, which they often are, there are detrimental effects to the environment and living beings in that area.

Colors in Polyester Are Bad for the Environment

Low impact dyes and natural dyes cannot be used on polyester. Therefore, the dyes needed to make a garment the desired color are bad for the water supply.

The Benefits of the Fabric Are Outweighed By Negative Effects

Polyester is recyclable, and the material can be made from recycled plastics. This is the good news. However, the benefits of this is highly outweighed by the fact that the material exists for so long and continually provides a negative impact on the environment. It is wise to avoid purchasing brand new polyester fabrics, as the fiber and the dyes are both providing negative impact to the environment with each wear and each wash.

It is smarter to simply purchase natural fabrics or other alternatives for the same uses, like rainwear. These durable materials can provide the same style and level of protection without having a detrimental impact on the environment around the wearer on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the use of polyester bags means this impact on the environment happens on a daily occurrence and means the person carrying the bag is single-handedly having a negative impact on the environment in several locations and on a regular basis. Polyester bags are not the way to go.