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Recovering Your Figure After Giving Birth

Women are often faced with the vision of slim, toned, ravishingly attractive women online and in magazines, who seem to have been able to pop out a baby with virtually no effect on their body. How these celebrities manage it is something of a mystery, and many normal moms find it impossible to regain their pre-pregnancy figure after many months, let alone a few days! So, what are the best ways to recover your figure after you’ve had your baby? If you’re not a celebrity with a team of experts working their magic on you, read on for some sensible, real-world advice.

Post-baby skin problems

One of the most obvious differences in your skin might be the appearance of stretch marks. They are most commonly found on your abdomen and upper thighs but could pop up in other places too. They aren’t anything to worry about, and you should find they will diminish over time. If you want to get rid of them, one option is laser treatment. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get them seen to, as you may find that once they’ve settled, they are hardly noticeable. If you do want to try treatment, find a clinic that uses Blue Dot Certified equipment from reputable companies like Some women find their skin becomes far softer and smoother when they’re pregnant, due to the change in hormone levels. If your skin becomes dry post-birth, be sure to keep it moisturized, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. The sagging skin where the baby has stretched your abdomen will go back to some degree on its own, but resuming an exercise routine when you can will help restore the elasticity.

Post-baby weight

Once you’ve given birth, your body has to try and restore itself to how it was before it played host to a little person. That little person who has stretched everything far beyond what would seem possible, and sent your hormones on a roller-coaster. You could well have had additional health issues such as gestational diabetes to cope with too, and trying to deal with both morning sickness and food cravings may have led to some odd eating habits. Thus you find yourself looking down at the bathroom scales in disbelief, thinking that maybe there’s a second baby still in there somewhere that would account for the amount of weight you seem to have gained. First of all, don’t panic, and don’t take any notice of the scales for now. Your body needs to sort itself out for the first few weeks, so let your blood sugars and hormone levels stabilize before getting on the scales. Once things have settled down, then you’ll get a clearer picture of whether you need to keep an eye on your weight.

If you’re breastfeeding, you could find your figure returning naturally after a few months, but if it isn’t, don’t be in too much of a hurry to condemn yourself. Let you body recover from the exertion of the birth, and concentrate on eating well, looking after yourself, and of course, taking care of your new addition.