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Shaping Up Your Life To Accommodate Limited Mobility

There are thousands of people across the country who will find themselves at one time or another with limited mobility, temporary or permanent. This may be as the result of an injury, it could be down to old age or perhaps it is as the result of a disease and regardless of how or when it strikes, it is important that you make key changes to your life in order to put less pressure on yourself and male your life easier on the whole when it comes to getting around. If you are struggling with mobility issues then here are some things which you can change, to improve your day-to-day life.



One of the most frequent day to day activities which can put a lot of physical stress is climbing up and down the stairs. If you struggle with mobility then this will put a great deal of pressure on your muscles and joints and in some cases can even be dangerous. The perfect solution to this is to install a stairlift which will take you up and down the stairs without you needing to move a muscle.

Home Railings

Take the stress and strain out of walking around the house by installing hand rails throughout, these will provide you the support which you need and remove any danger of falling. Railings can be installed at reasonable prices and they will instantly make your home life better.

Mobility Scooter

You can get around easier with a mobility scooter and make going out to see friends, going to the shops or just heading out on an activity which requires little effort from you. Mobility scooters are operated with battery power and one charge can last you quite a long time, they are stable and low speed so you won’t need any training to use one. If you are breathless after short journeys or in pain after a walk then a mobility scooter can be your perfect way of still staying active, without worrying about the strain it will put on your body.

Bathroom Tweaks

Daily events like washing yourself or going to the toilet can be made much easier on you with some simple tweaks. For the toilet for example, you can buy a raised seat which will mean that you will won’t have to lower yourself down so far and also it will be easier to get back up. If you have a bath then why not consider getting a lowered bath installed or even a bath with a doorway which means that you can easily get in and out. For showers, you could consider getting a wet room or have a seat installed in the shower which means that you can easily bathe yourself without having to worry about supporting your body.

There are many changes which you can make to improve your life and it is important that you adapt to having limited mobility in order to prevent further damage to your body or continue in pain.