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Simple and Easy Pillates Exercises to Do for Toned Belly

Pilates is not only for muscle toning and reducing waist size. If the right movements are done it can also be a weight loss regimen.  It is a full body workout that can help burn fat and make you lose some inches.

Doing Pilates exercises can make you leaner, longer and more functional. These mimics the benefits one can get from losing weight. Pilates can help you lose weight, emphasis on help, but you have to compliment the exercises with a healthy diet minus the junk food and the excess carbs.

You do not have to go to the studio to do Pilates. There are Pilates exercises for weight loss that you can do at home. You can start off with a mat, Pilates chair and Pilates Reformer.

On the Mat

This is a regular exercise mat. You will need this piece of equipment in doing Pilates movements on the floor. Mat Pilates strengthens and stretches your body especially the muscle of your core. Your core muscles are from your shoulders all the way to your hips.

  1. Pilates Push-Up. This is an ideal way to start your Pilates session. This works on your core and upper body.
  2. Side-lying Leg Lift. This exercise works on your legs and inner thigh. Your core is also engaged.
  3. Leg Pull Front and Back. These exercises push your core strength and upper body. These exercises target the same muscles using different parts of your body.
  4. Leg Paul Saw. A simple looking exercise that targets your deep muscles at the back. This exercise involves spin rotation and should not be done if you have back problems.

On the Pilates Chair

The Pilates Chair is a popular Pilates equipment because it is small, versatile and inexpensive. There are specific Pilates movements that can be done only on a Pilates chair. This chair has a side bar, feet pedals, resistance strings and padded seat. Working out on a Pilates chair focuses on core development. Here are some reviews about pilates chairs:

  1. Pilates Chair Lunges. This forward thrust is done on the Pilates chair and works on your pelvic areas, butt and hamstrings. It is and intense movement because your step is deeper and higher than usual lunges.
  2. Pilates Chair Swan. This Pilates movement challenges your shoulders and chest. It also extends your spine and back. The Pilates chair allows you to lie flat on your stomach to perform the movement.

On the Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is one the most versatile Pilates equipment. The reformer is a bed frame with a carriage (flat platform) which rocks back and forth on the wheels attached to the frame. A set of springs attaches the carriage to the reformer. Check out the best pilates reformer here:

Exercises on the Pliates Reformer are similar to that on the mat except that they are more intense as it is done on equipment. The strings attached to the machine add resistance to the workout.

  1. Horizontal Arm Movement on the Reformer. This Pilates movement works on your upper and lower core muscles. You need to lie on the reformer in a horizontal position. This movement is easy to do and gives your core a good workout.
  2. Feet Strapped to the Reformer. This exercise work out your large muscles on the legs and your hips. It also works your lower body. Your feet need to be strapped to the reformer and you move them up and down.
  3. Snake Movement on the Pilates Reformer. This is an advance movement that integrates your entire body. You need balance, stamina and right measure coordination to do this exercise. You run the risk of falling flat if you do not properly execute this movement.

Pilates exercises for weight loss can be easily done at home with the use of these Pilates equipment. Pilates exercises done on these equipment will help you burn some number of calories and fats.