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Teaching Your Kids to Be Safe Outside the Home


Keeping our children safe is a priority. When they are small, they are with us most of the time, so we can breathe easy. If they are at home or with close friends and relatives, you know they are safe, and being looked after.

Understandably, it is once they start to spend time away from us that we really start to worry. Sending your children to school is difficult, but again you know they are with adults who know how to look after them. The biggest challenge is letting them walk to school with their friends, and later go to the shops and other places with them. It is a big step for your kids, and you. Understandably, every parent worries about letting their children do this type of thing. However, most parents realise that if they want them to grow into happy independent adults they have to let them go.

Start to teach your children early

The best way to reduce the worry is to prepare your children well. From an early age, you need to teach your children about staying safe on the streets when you are not around to tell them what to do. Simple things like teaching them to watch for cars turning into and out of each drive, can be taught on the walk to school, or the shops.

Teach them how to cross the road

It is also never too early to start to teach your children about how to cross the road safely. Even a toddler can grasp the basics, like working out where it is safe to cross. Although, because their vision is not completely developed they will not be able to judge speed, which means they will not be able to cross safely without an adults help. It is wise to teach children not to cross a road without holding an adults hand. That way they are less likely to run across a road, when they are out with you.

Teach them about road signs and markings

As they get older, start to point out road signs and help them to learn what they mean. There are links to some great street sign quizzes on www.roadtrafficsigns.com. You can use these to test your child’s understanding of the signs that they are likely to encounter. This type of training is particularly important if you are planning to let your children ride a bike on the road, at some point in the future. You can test their knowledge on car journeys, which will help them to notice road signs and markings when they are moving fast.

Teach them about stranger danger

It is also important to start to teach your children about stranger danger from an early age. By the age of four, most children can work out who is a stranger, and who is not. You can learn more about how to approach the subject, from this website.

As your children get older, you will also need to start to teach them about the importance of respecting others, and behaving properly when out with their friends. Unfortunately, other children can sometimes be a source of danger for your children when they are outside the home.