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The Best Ingredient Suppliers Are Following The Latest Food Trends

Ingredient suppliers can help provide the edible solutions that a manufacturer needs to make their product taste better, look more visually appealing and last longer. However, that’s not a supplier’s only important task — they also have to keep their eye on all the trends within the food industry. They need to be on the cutting edge of market changes and cultural shifts to know what ingredients people want to see on their dinner plates.

An ingredient supplier has a portfolio of products that can reach multiple markets within the Canadian food industry. Innovative ingredients are needed for traditional Canadian food markets and sectors like bakery, confectionary, dairy, prepared foods, snacks, cereals, meat and seafood. All of these markets require unique ingredients to help create, prepare and preserve their products like amino acids, colours, fibres, flavour enhancers, flours and sweeteners.

While distributing essential ingredients to all of the different corners of the food industry is a fundamental purpose of a supplier, it has another important objective: a supplier stays on top of all of the food industry trends to respond to consumer demands. Consider a dedicated supplier like CCC Ingredients, which is part of the larger organization Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited, as they use their enthusiastic marketing team to track and observe global trends in the food industry. With the help of their strategic marketing team, the supplier can acquire the best selection of quality food ingredients  guaranteeing a company with a portfolio stocked with products that are in high demand from manufacturers and consumers.

One of the food trends that experienced suppliers like CCC Ingredients have been responding to is veganism. Veganism is the growing dietary lifestyle where people forego all animal products and by-products — this means they abstain from meat, seafood, eggs and dairy in their diet. Strict vegans are so faithful to the lifestyle that they will not consume anything an animal has created, including products like honey. In order to cater to a market that refuses to eat any form of animal products, ingredient suppliers have had to acquire and distribute alternative solutions. For instance, the lifestyle trend has encouraged the sourcing of vegan proteins that come from sources like rice or peas. Veganism is only one small example of all the food trends that ingredient suppliers are adapting to, with other trends such as the need for clean labels, the avoidance of GMO products and the desire for gluten-free products also trending among consumers.

If a food manufacturer wants their products to have the latest and greatest ingredients, they should find a supplier that is adapting with the sway of the market. Ignoring the ingredient innovations and shifts in food culture will mean neglecting consumer demand. If consumers want clean, GMO-free, gluten-free and vegan products, then the manufacturers need to provide them. The only way to find success in a fast-paced world is to see where the trends are heading and keep moving forward.