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From Travel To Yoga – Tips To Reduce Stress


In today’s busy go-go-go, hectic world, finding the time to unwind and relax can be challenging to say the least. Between work, health, family, friends and hobbies or down time (which seems to be decreasing exponentially these days!), it can be hard to find five minutes to yourself to really kick back and relax. Here are a couple of great suggestions for relaxing and taking some time to just chill out that you need to hear about now!

Plan A Mini Getaway

When you think of mini getaways, touring Barcelona or wandering up and down the Champs Elysée in Paris might spring to mind, and that’s fine! A mini break doesn’t have to take place outside of your home country though! In fact, there are some stunning places within the UK that are driving distance from almost everywhere that you should consider checking out for your short break. You can enjoy a spa break in Yorkshire, stroll the rolling hills of the Dales and check out the historic city of York where you can take it one step further and enjoy a world class meal at the Guy Fawkes Pub – the actual birthplace of Guy Fawkes. Truth be told, there are a number of great things to do in the north that are just waiting to be explored, so check it out for your next weekend away!

Go On A Short Holiday

If you are looking to get abroad for a holiday, companies such as Thompson offer some great last minute all inclusive options to warm and welcoming cities such as Rome and Marrakesh or to areas like Corfu in Greece and Barcelona in Spain. The sky’s the limit with last minute holidays and if you don’t mind when and were you go you can often score a fantastic deal if you wait to book it until just before you go. You can save hundreds of pounds on getaways by doing this, so consider this for your next holiday!

Things To Do At Home

If time and money are a factor, a couple of great stress reducing suggestions for in the home include meditation, yoga, or going on a long strenuous walk. Office yoga is now becoming the next hottest thing, with some companies even specialising in it, so why not give it a try the next time you feel a bit spent and worn out, a quick ten minute yoga session is sometimes all you need! Breathing deeply for a few minutes can likewise help blow the cobwebs away, but the best thing is usually exercise to help expel stress and anxiety, so get up and get moving. Alternatively, dim the lights, light some candles, pour a glass of wine and sink into your favourite bubble bath with some of your favourite music playing. You will be surprised at how the stress seems to just melt away.

So there you have a couple of great suggestions for things to do to help you get rid of the stress that can seemingly build up so quickly these days. Try one of these great suggestions the next time you feel the stress piling on top of you and let the worries float away.