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What Energy Drinks Can Do For Your Workout

When training, many doubts assail us, some of them beyond the practice itself. One of the common is to understand what to take and what not to, before and after each workout.

Within this theme, then the question becomes, is it right to consume energy drinks?In this post, you’ll find out the things you need to know about energy drinks.

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Composition of Energy Drinks

As the name suggests, they are designed to provide the body with a quick and easily absorbed dose of energy. After drinking them, you usually feel energized both physically and mentally.

The human body draws its energy mainly from the burning of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In the composition of energizers from the given nutritional values, ​​you will find only glucose, but unfortunately, its small amount does not explain the immediate stimulating effect after drinking.

What excites you after drinking energy comes from the combination of a vast amount of caffeine and taurine. In their composition, you’ll also find B vitamins and many other stimulants mainly of plant origin.

The potential risk to health is created by the proportions in which these ingredients occur

Energy Drinks When Training, Yes Or No?

There is a great debate around energy drinks, is it right to drink them and when? Are they going to help you in training? To dispel so many doubts, we have decided to make this post.

First of all, it is essential to keep in mind that one of the main elements of these drinks is their high degree of caffeine. Caffeine, according to studies, is an excellent ally for sports. Its intake, in a controlled way, can bring numerous benefits for athletes. According to the study, drinking three milligrams of caffeine per kilograms can help in:

  • Improvement of sports performance.
  • Greater strength and muscular power.
  • More resistance to exercises.
  • Decreased feeling of tiredness.
  • Increase in energy expenditure when at rest, as it favors

In addition to caffeine, energy drinks also contain carbohydrates that help achieve the above. The other ingredients usually include taurine, ginseng, guarana. These ingredients do not affect the body, or your health, positively or negatively when used under their small proportion.

Its excessive intake can lead to episodes of nervousness, insomnia, headaches and even intestinal problems. Also, an excess of stimulant drinks can be considered as doping in the case of competitions, do not abuse it.

In the face of all these benefits, it is reasonable to think that stimulant drinks are very beneficial for training, but you should never lose sight of the shots made of it.

Remember that these drinks contain a high level of caffeine and sugar, two ingredients that if abused, can be harmful to our body.

Issues to Consider When Using Energy Drinks

If after all this you decide to include energy drinks in your life, you need to take into account several considerations, let’s look at some of them.

1. Do Not Make It A Habit Of Drinking Energy Drinks. 

If you take a stimulant drink every time you go to train, your body will get used to it and become dependent on it. So the ideal thing is that you resort to these drinks only when your body needs an extra energy supply.

2. Energy Drinks Do Not Replace Water.

Drinking an energy shot does not hydrate your body. Do not be fooled! The best way to achieve optimal hydration is to drink water.

3. Choose The Right Drink.

Many of these energy drinks are characterized by a high degree of sugar, so they are not ideal. The high concentration of sugar causes energy peaks that make you very euphoric for a short while and then recovering the usual state fatigue. To avoid these energy peaks, it is best to have energy drinks that do not carry added sugars.

4. Do Not Exceed The Maximum Amount Of Caffeine Per Day.

The maximum level of caffeine intake is usually placed in two daily bottles of this type of beverage.

Its use is best advised before training since a revitalizing effect is achieved that will help you overcome your training by far.

Do you use energy shots when training? Please let us know your experience too.