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Which States are Next for Medical Marijuana Delivery Law?


The state of affairs for medical marijuana delivery throughout the United States are likely to change, given the recent legalization of recreational pot, and the impending need to create laws in the medical and recreational industries that integrate seamlessly. Currently, if you were to search the Internet for “marijuana delivery near me,” you would see several dispensaries and pot delivery services pop up, but these providers and delivery companies might not be the ones you’ll notice in the months ahead. The wild west of medical marijuana offerings across the country is going to be tamed quite a bit, say experts, but it’s a little unclear in what ways exactly.

Searching for “Marijuana Delivery Near Me?” Understand This, First

Marijuana delivery services are complicated, at best. State laws vary greatly on the issue of pot delivery, and lawmakers have made medical marijuana delivery illegal in some states and furthermore illegal in certain localities within states. Usually, it’s understood that pot cannot be delivered across state lines, however many states currently allow medical cannabis deliveries within certain districts. Alaska, California, and Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington have some medical cannabis delivery laws on the books or are ripe to receive new rules soon. Here’s a bit of a rundown on where things stand as of this publication.


Marijuana delivery in Alaska may be possible on a wide scale sometime in 2017. Recreational pot was legalized in February of 2015, but licenses for shops were not issued until 2016. The market is not fully up and running yet, but new laws should allow delivery services throughout the state. Alaska previously outlawed marijuana deliveries, but Ballot Measure 2 changed things authorizing delivery where no local source of supply exists.


Patients concerned with Santa Monica marijuana delivery and delivery throughout the state of California can rest somewhat easy at this moment. California has not explicitly addressed cannabis delivery at a state level, but instead has charged counties and cities with the responsibility of deciding on the legalization of delivery. This has resulted in a patchwork of local laws across the state, with Los Angeles allowing for delivery, but, regulations are still a little unclear. Proposition D seemingly authorizes marijuana licenses for vehicles, which one could assume means delivery is permitted. For more on this, visit GreenDoorWest.com.


In Colorado, if you search for “marijuana delivery near me,” you’ll find that you can’t get someone to bring you recreational pot, but medical cannabis is another story. Medical marijuana patients can have their medicine delivered by someone who’s not making a profit, such as a primary caregiver.

Illinois allows medical marijuana delivery by a patient’s caregiver only, and Nevada permits the delivery of medical pot from a retail Medical Marijuana Establishment, which is by law a person who holds a valid registry ID card or a designated primary caregiver. Which states are next for medical marijuana delivery laws are anyone’s guess, as the marijuana industry continues to evolve in ways that no one can predict.