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Working with Arthritis: Ways to Relieve the Pain

Working with arthritis is not nice, there’s no denying that. Unfortunately, however, the need to make money and provide financial independence for yourself and your family doesn’t stop just because you have joint pain – which means you need to find ways to manage your arthritis symptoms.

Fear not, as there are ways to make working with arthritis a lot more comfortable.

Wear the right clothes

The clothes that you choose to wear at work will either help you to manage your arthritis a lot better, or they will make your condition a whole lot worse. In this instance, it’s imperative that you fill your wardrobe with clothes that both keep you warm and do not irritate you — if you do, you’ll make every working day a whole lot easier for yourself.

Invest in the following types of clothing if you want to relieve the pain your arthritis causes you:

  • Warm clothing

Keeping your joints warm is essential. This is what keeps them lubricated and, thus, helps them to move without pain.

  • Padded clothing

The more padded and compressed your clothes are, the less chance you have of swelling up.

  • Seamless clothing

Seamless socks don’t cause skin irritation, which is what makes them great for people who suffer from arthritis.

  • Velcro fasteners

Trying to manipulate small buttons can cause your arthritis to flare up. Switching to Velcro fasteners will never cause such a problem.

Manage your condition

If you ever forget about your condition, even if only for ten minutes, you will make everything a whole lot worse for yourself. Quite simply, the fact that you have arthritis needs to be at the forefront of your mind from the moment you clock in, to the moment you clock out, as only then can you manage your condition correctly.

Here’s what you can do to manage your arthritis throughout the duration of each working day:

  • Sit up straight

You must protect your bones and joints at all costs, and sitting up straight will help you to do just that. It will keep your spine aligned, it will fend off lower back pain, and it will stop your neck from getting strained.

  • Invest in ergonomic devices

Ergonomic office devices, such as orthopedic chairs and keyboard rests, are essential when it comes to remaining comfortable in the workplace. Investing in them could very well prove to be the best thing you do to manage your arthritis.

  • Get up and move about regularly

Sitting down all day might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. You must resolve to get up and move about regularly, as that is what is going to keep your join limber, mobile, and ultimately pain-free.

You have to get serious about your arthritis before it seriously starts to impact your life — if you don’t manage your condition, you could very well be bedridden by it sooner rather than later. Take the above advice, and be sure to relieve your pain while you’re at work.