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6 Ways To Show Gratitude

Gratitude is about more than saying thank you for something; it can actually be a state of living, something we all strive towards. That’s because gratitude can change your life for the better, making you into a much more positive and happy person. If you can’t find things to be grateful for, you may feel rather unfulfilled. That’s why finding those things is all important if you want to be as happy as possible. Here are some ways to show gratitude and improve your life.

Be A Good Listener

Sometimes all it takes is to be a good listener to show gratitude. It’s good to be the person who is there for their friends and family and who is a good person to lay out troubles to. It doesn’t mean you have to know what to do, and you don’t even have to offer any advice, but just to be there and listen to whatever is being said is a way to say thank you for doing the same in the past.

Letting feelings out is good for your health; keeping them bottled up inside can cause high blood pressure, for example, or even mental health issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety. By allowing someone to let you know how they’re feeling (whether those feelings involve you or not), you are helping immensely.

Listening doesn’t have to be about hearing of someone’s troubles, however. Being a good listener could simply mean paying attention when someone is speaking to you. This shows that you appreciate their presence and are interested in whatever they are saying.

Give Out Compliments

It’s the little things in life that count for the most and giving someone a compliment is one of those little things that can go on to brighten their entire day. This is a wonderful way to show something you are grateful for them and what they do for you, and all it takes is a kind word about how well they are looking, how nice their shirt is, what a great job they have done, and so on.

This kind of gratitude again shows that you are glad they are around you, and you’re glad they are who they are, but it can also mean showing gratitude that you are able to see these things and make a comment on them. Not everyone can, and although it may be a small thing to you, it’s actually huge when you really think about it.

Caring For Others

Caring for other people is a beautiful way to show gratitude. You might care for strangers as part of your job, or you might care for friends and family because you want. Either way, it’s not something that everyone can do, and if you can, that is very special indeed.

Caring for people who have cared for you in the past – such as your parents – is extra special. This is the definitive thank you, and you are showing that you understood the sacrifices they made for you, by doing the same for them. Remember, however, that senior care is not easy, and if you need help with it, don’t be too proud to contact professionals who will be able to assist. You are far more useful to your loved ones if you are well rested and happy than if you are stressed out, so calling in additional help can be to everyone’s advantage.


There are always charities and other good causes that need extra help on occasion. That might be working in a charity store, handing out flyers, collecting money, picking up litter, perhaps being an extra pair of hands on a day trip for seniors or school kids. There are unlimited opportunities to volunteer for events and jobs, and each one will give you the chance to say thank you to the people who are organizing these good causes.

By helping out, you are allowing other people to say thank you as well; they will see what you are doing and realize the importance of that particular job as well as the importance of the organization behind it. It might even encourage others to volunteer which can be the best way of helping out altogether.

Use Gifts

When you are given a gift, it’s likely that you will say thank you there and then for it. However, to really show gratitude you should use that gift around the person who gave it to you so that they can see how much you like it. If it was a piece of clothing, wear it when you next see them. If it was something for the home, make sure it is displayed prominently. Perhaps it was something for your car, in which case make sure you talk about how useful it has been when you come into contact with them again.

It won’t take much to do this, but it is a great way to show gratitude because your friend or family member can see for themselves how much use you are getting out of their gift. This will make them feel good, and you’ll feel happy too.

Give Thoughtfully

When it’s your turn to give, take your time and give thoughtfully. Don’t just rush out at the last minute and buy the first thing that you see because you’re in a hurry and you need to get something. Make a note on your calendar that you need to start looking for a gift a week or two in advance of the date you are planning to give it. That way, you won’t buy something just for the sake of it; you can look for something unique, and that will suit your loved one perfectly.

Set yourself a budget, of course, but remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great gift. Take a look at thrift stores, or try to make something yourself if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be perfect; if it is a thoughtful gift, it will be much more appreciated than anything else you could give.