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Getting The Music Right At Your Wedding

Professional Services For Lasting Memories

Your wedding is a special moment in your life. But not just in your life. It’s a special moment in the life of your spouse, it’s an establishing moment that will very likely make possible the lives of your children, and it’s a juncture of two families legally and literally. Done right, a wedding can bring together entire communities—or it can put a wedge between them.

The thing about weddings is, they always have some unpredictable characteristic. There’s always going to be an item which cannot be controlled. Whether it’s the ring-bearer dropping the rings down a grate, or integral members of the group being late, or a photographer who disappears the day of the occasion, something is going to happen.

Now, most difficulties aren’t going to be the kind which will end up ruining the occasion as in those farcical comedies where everything hinges on one character “putting it right”. But there are some which can seriously, and sometimes subtly, put everyone at edge with one another. You want your occasion to go smoothly, not be riddled with subconscious stress.


One of the better ways to get around such difficulties is finding professional vending services who understand the atmosphere, and take care to do things right. One of the most important areas where this needs to be considered is music. You need professional services functioning in a predictable capacity.

And you want those services to be good. Have you ever been to a wedding where some uninterested DJ is on the mix-board robotically going through the motions, letting on to be excited when not even the person’s voice seems to care, and generally becoming some loud portion of the background while the reception tries to ignore this individual’s efforts?

Good Music Is A Must

Then there’s that DJ who thinks the wedding is all about him, and he’s just trying to drop sick beats and turn the crowd of grandmothers, aunts, aunties, children and white-collar tux-sporting guests into a tricked-out rave.

What you want is the kind of DJ who can read the situation and act accordingly. If there are a lot of young adults, maybe dubstep is something appropriate to the occasion. Maybe not. The DJ should understand it’s your special day, not a gig for him to show off. Granted, if he does well, he may be asked to perform DJ services elsewhere; but that doesn’t mean he’s Deadmau5.


When you need a DJ for wedding party in NJ, according to, it’s integral to find a DJ who will “…take care that the music is completely suitable for each and every moment of the occasion.” They should plan out what they’re going to play in advance, ask you for suggestions, and ensure to play—or not play—whatever’s requested.

Granted, there is always room for guests requests and spur-of-the-moment songs; but the DJ should have the presence of mind to suit his or her services to your occasion, not try and fit your occasion into his or her own pre-conceived notions.

The Bigger Picture

If a bit of the decorations sag, if a few guests fail to show up, if a few groomsmen or bridesmaids are late or unattainable after the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the wedding can still bounce back pretty well. But if the reception’s DJ is a completely unconscious nitwit playing totally inappropriate music, that just puts a damper on the whole event.

Your marriage will likely survive, and this won’t be the straw that breaks the camel’s back—but why not diminish any foreseeable stress if you can?