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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s spring time once again and that means that all the usual celebrations are coming up. With Easter just gone the next big one is Mother’s Day, at least in some countries! May is typically Mother’s Day month in North America and Australia and as a result many people in these countries start thinking about ways they can honour dear old Mom. With so many options these days it can seem daunting to find the perfect gift, so here is a roundup of our favourite gifts that always go down well.


Of course flowers are a typical go to for Mother’s Day and for good reason – many women love the smell and look of flowers in a house and flowers have long been associated as gifts given to people to show love and appreciation. Did you know even different coloured roses have different connotations, such as yellow meaning friendship? Great idea, right?

A Day Out

Days out can be simple and casual or elegant and extravagant. Mom deserves it so what will you choose? A low scale, casual lunch at her favourite place or something more upscale? Either way, a day out for lunch followed by shopping or another girly activity can be a great way to show your appreciation.

Spa Vouchers

A day out at the spa is always a winner with most people, Moms especially! Spa days can really help her take a load off and spend some time for just herself while being pampered. Spa certificates don’t have to be expensive and can be just a simple gesture to show your love and appreciation. Or if an actual day at the spa is a bit out of your price range, you can treat her to some top of the line spa based bath products that will probably go down just as well!

A Weekend Break

A weekend away is an amazing way to spend some time together, just you and Mom. You could go to your favourite location in the mountains, or just a town that you guys spent some time in as you were growing up that you hold fond memories of. If it’s in your budget you could even treat her to something a bit further afield such as a short break to somewhere like Mexico or the Caribbean. How far will you go to show her your love?

Tickets To Dinner Theatre/Opera/Comedy Show Etc.

An evening out at the theatre or similar is likewise a great way to show Mom you care. Perhaps her favourite band is coming to town, even if it’s later in the year you can purchase the tickets for Mother’s Day and present them in a card along with some flowers. Perfect, right?

So show her how much she means to you this year through a great day out, tickets to theatre or maybe some flowers. With so many options you will surely have no trouble finding the perfect way to show her how much you care.