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How to Handle a Long-Distance Relationship

Going long distance is always hard. If you think otherwise, you’re deeply deceiving yourself. You must think your relationship is stronger and better than everyone else’s and that you can handle any obstacle that comes your way. Well, sure you think that now, but once it actually happens, you’ll think differently. There will be a time when you feel lonely and vulnerable and you’ll miss your partner, but won’t be able to get in touch. The lack of physical presence and physical contact can make it really difficult to cope with many challenges couples encounter in a long-distance relationship and it takes a lot of patience and hard work in order to overcome them. Having that in mind, we came up with a list of tips just to help you maintain a long distance relationship.

Don’t smother each other

It may seem impossible to overwhelm your partner when they’re far away, but it actually happens quite often. Due to not being able to see each other and be in each other’s company, couples try to maintain the connection with constant texting. This may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t. Your lives will be different once you separate physically, which is why you need to let each other live them. Excessive texting will just cause a counter effect and make you both feel smothered; and you definitely want to avoid that.

Don’t be pathetic

Yes, you are apart, and you do miss each other, but do you have to say it all the time? The answer is NO. It’s allowed sometimes and try to do it as seldom as you can. You may think it’s romantic at first, but you’ll soon see it can be quite annoying and the words will simply lose their meaning when spoken that frequently. What’s more, the goal here isn’t to make the other one feel sad or guilty, but rather to still manage to keep each other happy and entertained. This is why sending funny stories about current events and keeping your texts interesting and informative is the key to maintaining good quality long distance relationship communication. This implies things you would be talking about if you were together. You also should take it easy with the questions and not expect answers right away. It should basically be a random conversation without an official beginning or the end.

Visit each other

Make time and money for visits. They are the highlights of your current relationship status. Sure, you both have responsibilities and a lot of work to do, but you need to make time for visits. It also requires some financial expenses, but it will be worth the sacrifice in the end. It’s all about good organization and a bit of sacrifice. Anyway, don’t make promises you cannot keep as they will be a huge disappointment to your loved one and if you do have to cancel a visit, make sure there’s a really good reason for it. Once the visit happens, don’t have huge expectations and then be disappointed when things don’t go your way. The goal is to spend time together, you don’t have to make every action meaningful and gigantic. Don’t put pressure on the visit, just be together.

Be creative

Since you cannot physically be together, try to think of fun ways to be together. You can make arrangements for watching a movie together simultaneously or make video chat dinner plans. You also need to take care of the intimate parts of the relationship, so some form of phone sex needs to be in the picture. You could also play online games together or share daily workout or diet milestones. You should also send random selfies or photos of what you’re doing in order to keep each other involved in your life as much as possible.

All in all, it’s about being mindful and tolerant of one another’s life. Make sure to know each other’s schedule and to have a general image of what the life of the other person looks like now. Of course, you should try to maintain a healthy communication and keep the other one informed about everything that’s important, but also the little things that make your relationship. Sometimes, even being pathetic is allowed, but it to a minimum.