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Make tonight’s episode even more fun with Love Island Bingo!

So you might have missed a couple of episodes of Love Island due to a certain global tournament to decide whether or not football is coming home. While that may have been a disappointment, at least you can now relax and enjoy a slightly more predictable affair by seeing how the islanders are handling all the latest drama.

In fact, if you’re feeling really confident in your predictive skills, you might even want to have a crack at using this Love Island bingo card! Sure, watching the show is fun, but you’ll have tons more if you’re also having a head-to-head contest with your family or friends to see who’s the best!

The rules here are a little different, but if you’ve ever tried to play bingo online, the general set-up ought to be familiar.

First things first, you’re going to have to print off a bingo card in order to play – you can’t exactly mark the screen every time you get one right! You’ll need to print one off for everyone so you can all play along.

Then you have to pick a letter! As you can see, they go from A to I with each one corresponding to a line of 4. Take a look at the card, decide which four events you think are most likely to happen in this episode of Love Island, and take the letter that matches.

Once everyone who’s playing has picked a letter, all you have to do is mark the squares off as they happen.

And the first one to get all four of their squares marked off is the winner! There are plenty of ways to win too:

You can win horizontally.


Or diagonally.

Playing bingo with Love Island memes instead of numbers is a sure-fire way to brighten up your evening of binge-watching. So why not print off a few sheets and go wild for tonight’s episode?