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Top Tips for Making Your Marriage Last

When two people get together, they might not be thinking about marriage in the beginning. However, after a while, they may want to make their partnership more permanent and commit to each other by getting married. Now that you are married, it doesn’t mean that everything will be easier, you still have to work on your partnership every day to keep it fresh and happy. If you have just got married or if you have been married for many years, there are things you can learn that can make your relationship last for years to come.

Show How Much You Love Them

Everyone likes to feel loved and know that they are loved, no matter whether they are married or not. Friends, family, and partners are all people that you get love from, and they each show it in different ways. As a partner, it is important that you show how much you love your spouse as often as you can. It doesn’t have to be a big event or gesture, even if you give your partner a hug and tell them you love them, that will often be enough to keep your loved one happy. However, if you do have the opportunity to make a bigger expression of your love, then this will be greatly received. Try to make a big effort at special events such as Valentine’s Day, their birthday and your anniversary. Give them something you know they will like and appreciate.

Try Not to Force Your Opinion

A relationship is all about compromise and balance between the two people. That means you both need to try and work through all your differences until you reach an agreement. It isn’t always easy to keep this balance and sometimes you might have a strong opinion on something that you are reluctant to change. However, it isn’t a good idea to try and force your opinion on your partner, especially if it means they are compromising their beliefs or values. If you try, then you will cause your partner to feel resentful and pressured. If you are both determined to stick to your values, then try to find an alternative or some other way around the issue.

Respect is Key

Any relationship whether it’s new or established survives on mutual respect. There has to be respect for each other, or it can be almost impossible to make it work. Although respect is something that everyone knows is important, many couples tend to forget or take advantage of their partner and give them little respect. You shouldn’t forget that your partner has their own identity and their own life, and you need to respect that. Just because they have decided to be with you, it doesn’t mean they are not their own person. For example, if your partner decided that they want to start a fitness regime to get fitter or lose some weight. You should be supportive and respect their decision. It doesn’t matter whether you think they should or not, you need to be respectful and understand that this is what they want to do.

Try to Resolve Fights

Everyone has fought with the people they love from time to time. It might be over something small, but it is typical of most relationships. The important thing is how you deal with the fights you have together. You should never allow a fight to linger or last more than that day. Otherwise, you might start to feel resentment towards each other which can cause more fights. If you find that you are unable to resolve the argument, then you need to sit down and try to find a way around it. It is this type of impasse that can cause long-lasting problems as it will often come up repeatedly in future disagreements. It is at times like these that couples will often seek counseling to try and work through their problems. Sometimes, however, these issues cannot be resolved, and you find yourself contacting firms like Leduc Divorce Lawyers to start proceedings.


When you talk about communication, many people automatically think about talking to each other. However, this is just one of the ways you should be communicating with your spouse. Talking to each other is an essential part of any relationship, not only does it help you to deal with issues as they arise, but it also helps to bring you both closer together. Think about when you first started seeing each other; you probably talked for hours about everything and nothing. It is this openness and willingness to talk that keeps your relationship going. Although talking is important, there are many other ways that you should be communicating with your partner. Firstly, it is great to keep in contact while you are apart, either by texting or messaging. It can help if one of you is having a dreadful day and you want to talk about it and discuss the problem.

Stay Faithful

You might think that this is an obvious one but being faithful to your spouse is one of the most fundamental things to keeping a relationship alive. It is more than just being faithful to your partner; it is also being worthy of their respect and trust in you as a person. All of these things will be put in jeopardy if you are unfaithful. Even if you manage to resolve the infidelity and manage to repair your marriage, there will always be a lingering shadow over your relationship. It is also about your own self-worth and your ability to remain faithful to your partner.

Allow Yourself Your Own Time

Although both of you are in a relationship together, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend every day, all day together. It can be a good thing for a marriage to have your own interests as well as combined ones. Take up a hobby that you love or start to go out the odd evening with your friends. You will be amazed how it will make you feel to have a little time to yourself. You also need to encourage your partner to do the same if they want to, it will give the both of you some space and time to breathe. If you are on a budget or you are too busy to go out somewhere, then try spending some time at home by yourself. Take a long bath, read a book or listen to some music while your partner looks after the house.

Spend Special Days Together

As well as time away to pursue your own interests, it is also important to have days together. Perhaps one day a week or every two weeks, you can spend the day together and ask someone else to have the kids. If you have shared interests such as music, then why not try to see a local band together? Even if you just manage a date night at home, it will give you both quality time together that you can use to catch up on things or have an enjoyable time in each other’s company. People lead busy lives, so it is important that you plan these things in advance so that the both of you can commit to it. Of course, special days should also include family days. If you have kids, then try to have a day when you can all get together and have a wonderful time. Especially when your kids are young, you want to be creating memories that you can remember later, and that your kids won’t forget.

Don’t Take Each Other For Granted

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, things can start to become familiar and almost expected. It could be that you have come to rely on your partner to make the dinner or perhaps they always assume you will get up in the night for the children. It can be these little things that can eventually lead to a feeling of being taken for granted. In many cases, it isn’t something that is done deliberately; it evolves over time. However, it is important that you both try to avoid this to keep your marriage happy. For example, try to alternate who cooks each day or who gets up for the children. There are some situations where this is difficult, such as if one of you works late so cannot help with the dinner. In this case, you should arrange to do something else such as the laundry or the vacuuming so that you are sharing the load between you. A feeling of being taken for granted is one of the most common issues in a marriage so it’s important that you do all you can together to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Marriage is a two-way street that needs constant care and attention to work. You might think that it will take care of itself, but in truth, both parties need to be aware of the other person needs.