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Why Single Women Need To Get Over The Taboo Of Online Dating/Apps

Being single can be a tough world to live in, especially if you are single and you are actively looking to find a partner. I spent many years in the dating game, trying and failing with guys who just weren’t compatible with me. These days however, contrary to when I was single, technology has come to the aid of millions of singletons around the World with online dating and applications such as Tinder and Skout that help you to find a partner that you may actually be compatible with. For some reason, unbeknown to me, these apps have a horrible stigma attached to them, like somehow people are cheating at finding a partner and that you should only find someone you love on a beach at sunset, or glancing across from the other side of the bar to you. This thinking is nonsense and here is why more women need to get over the taboo of online dating and dating apps.


Help Not Hindrance

Thousands of us go out on dates with people who just don’t click well with us, it could be any number of things that don’t create the connection, using an app or a dating service means that you significantly minimize your chances of going on bad dates. I cannot understand why people wouldn’t want to save time, money and effort by avoided the dud dates, apps and online dating matches people based on similar interests and likes, this gives you a far higher chance of success.

Romantic Stigma

Regardless of how many movies you have watched, the reality is that life simply isn’t like that, the dreamy first meeting, instant attraction, love at first sight, it exists, but only 1% of couples in the World meet like that. You could spend your whole life waiting for that moment and never end up meeting anyone, far better to improve your chances by using a service that is designed to bring people together. Don’t hold out for Prince Charming, he’s probably on Tinder waiting for you.


One of the biggest benefits of online dating and using dating apps is that you can make connections, chat with people and look for your partner from the comfort of your own home. Bar crawling is something that nobody should have to do and the idea that you can be sitting in your pajamas, phone in hand, looking for Mr Right is something that holds great appear for me. Aside from the obvious financial savings, it strips the pressure away from chatting with people for the first time, doing this in a relaxed environment means you can be more jovial with them and ultimately more friendly.

So there you have it ladies, there is no reason whatsoever that you should continue with the status quo of traditional dating. There is nothing to stop you from still trying to meet people old-school style but why not use every option available to you, forget about the taboo and get yourself online, you may just find the perfect guy for you.