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Ammcor clarify How and why HOA’s work

When you buy a house in a planned development, you are obliged to join their Home Owner’s Association (HOA) such as Ammcor. You will pay a fee on either a monthly or yearly basis. This money will be used to maintain and improve the properties, including the surroundings and facilities. These can include swimming pools, beautiful gardens and woodland walkways to children’s parks and fitness rooms. The average fees are between 200 and 400 dollars a month but when you consider that you will feel the benefit of this money, it doesn’t seem such a lot to pay for a beautiful home in amazing surrounding, with neighbours all wanting to achieve the same goals.

The idea of an HOA is not only to ensure that your house is maintained and is in a great area, thus reducing the likelihood of you losing any capital on your home if you must sell up, but also there are a set of rules that all tenants must adhere to. These rules are called covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s) They cover ground rules such as noise, garden maintenance, whether you can have any pets and if so which ones and, in some cases, even what color you can have your front door. Some of the rules are very similar to those you would find in rented property as their purpose is to try and safeguard your property and the surrounding area. Of you are thinking about moving into a HOA property you are able to view their rules online including the consequences of non-adherence to those rules. You need to be especially concerned and vigilant of these rules as the HOA does have the right to foreclose your property for disobeying the rules. This is reinforced with the aid of the Municipal Code of the area. This is guidance on what is acceptable behaviours in San Clemente and thus it helps Ammcor and other HOA’s enforce the correct and right behaviour from their homeowners with an aim of benefitting everyone.

It is a known and proven fact that living in a well maintained are where everyone cares for their environment is part of the key to a happy life. This is the vision of Ammcor who want to create happy healthy communities and reignite community spirit. It returns to times of old when we knew our neighbours and were all happy to look out for each other.

An immensely important fact to remember is that the purpose of an HOA is to assure that you can have a problem free homelife with very few worries and concerns and feel a part of a community. Bearing in mind that this all comes with a high chance that your property value will just grow and grow, what is there to lose. This is one of the reasons why Ammcor reviews on their social media and website from their partners, clients and suppliers in San Clemente, Orange County are second to none. The ratings and positive heartfelt comments are in abundance on their sites and they really are improving many lives for the better.