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Christmas Film Favourites – Which Are Your Number Ones?


December is here and with it comes the barrage of Christmas themed cheer – from songs being played in your local shops, your favourite coffee shop breaking out those festive holiday themed lattes and your local TV channels starting to play the usual holiday favourites ranging from ‘Elf’ to ‘Home Alone’, ‘the Santa Clause’ and more. Check out the cool infographic made by Chill Money below too and have a look at the costs behind living the lives of some of our favourite Christmas families and characters. What is your favourite holiday film? Maybe yours is a bit of an unusual one that doesn’t get much attention because it’s not mainstream. How do you celebrate the holidays in the lead up to the big day? Here are some of our favourite films.

Muppet Family Christmas

Who doesn’t love a bit of Jim Henson? Whether it’s his 1986 smash ‘Labyrinth’ or just the several series of fun children’s TV shows such as ‘The Muppet Show’ or ‘Fraggle Rock’, one thing is for certain and that is the fact that Henson’s puppetry has captured the heart of many around the world. One of the best Christmas films featuring our friends the Muppets is circa 1987 and titled ‘Muppet Family Christmas’ where all the Muppets from Animal to the Swedish Chef and even Hairy Monster all descend on Fozzi Bear’s family farm for the holidays. Eventually joined by the cast of Sesame Street as well as the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock, the whole cast sing Christmas carols by the tree and try to manage the hectic nature of the holidays all the while waiting for Miss Piggy to show up in a blizzard. Wholesome, enjoyable vintage family viewing!

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, circa 1964

The classic reindeer story about leading Santa’s sleigh is told in claymation with a twist – Hermie the elf wants to stop making toys and focus on his true passion – dentistry. When Rudolph gets ejected from the Reindeer Games, he and Hermey take it upon themselves to run away together in search of more inclusive friends. They run into a prospector named Yukon Cornelius and together they adventure through the frozen tundra, even having a run in or two with the abominable snow monster of the north. Eventually they come across the island of misfit toys and promise to get Santa to come and collect the toys on Christmas Eve, and true to their word when Rudolph gets his big chance to lead the sleigh on Christmas Eve, he heads to the island to collect the misfit toys.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Another family favourite – both versions, the cartoon and the live action film – show us that the true meaning of the holiday season isn’t what’s wrapped up under the tree and is in fact found in the spending of time with family and friends, with or without all the glitz and stuff that comes from a store.

So which are your favourites? Is there a film you can’t miss out on during the Christmas season? Or maybe you have snacks, games and goodies that you enjoy every year. What is your go to tradition? Tell us in the comments!