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Dayanna Volitich on Why English Is Such an Important Language

Even though English is not the most spoken language in the world, it is considered the global language. As such, it links everybody in the world together. Over 60% of the population of the Earth is able to at least communicate in English comma which is why it has become the world’s unofficial language. You may have remembered that during the 70s and 80s people tried to develop esperanto as a global language. Esperanto was supposed to be a mixture of all the languages in the world so that it would make sense for virtually everybody. It was quickly found, however, that English pretty much meets those requirements, having its roots in both Latin and Germanic languages. Here, Dayanna Volitich explores why English is so important.

Dayanna Volitich on English as a Global Language

The majority of developing economies give English the due respect and importance that the language truly deserves. In fact, children all over the world start to learn English from a very young age, regardless of whether it is their native language or not. As such, English has taken up a position of importance within the global education as well. Distance and online learning is becoming increasingly popular and, almost exclusively, instruction is provided in English regardless of where someone studies or where they are from. It is also for this reason that IELTS and TOEFL courses and assessments are now so important.

The world is becoming an increasingly global place with smaller and  harder to define boundaries. This has been made possible, in part, thanks to the English language. It is now quite normal for people to travel halfway around the world for leisure, business, or education. No longer do people struggle to communicate because they know they will be able to find at least one English-speaking person near them. English is used widely all over the world and can be used there as well.

Then, there is the internet. English is used across the vast majority of website. Of course, other languages can also be featured online but English is usually the default language. Social networking websites, which connect people all over the globe together, are also in English. Similarly, English is an official language comma being used between the leaders of different Nations to communicate and correspond. Whenever there is a global summit, interpreters and translators are present but English is the language most used. This is also true in the corporate world, where a full grasp of the English language certainly makes someone more desirable for positions and promotions.

Today, we live in a world for English has brought people together and has actually Shrunk the world. Knowing English is the state symbol that knowing Latin and French was a few centuries ago. Being able to speak English is an essential skill regardless of where you are from. While some people are afraid that this means their own language will soon disappear, this is unlikely to happen.