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Finding The Best Phones For The Best Price

Cell phones are arguably one of the greatest inventions ever created and definitely provide us with much convenience and connectivity. However, it can often be quite jarring trying to find a good cell phone at a decent price. Fortunately, Tech Radar has recently released its list of the greatest phones that come at a cheap price. While the huawei p20 pro was not on this list, I have been informed that the huawei p20 pro is a terrific phone that won’t force you to declare bankruptcy. So let’s jump right into the list. The first one is the Xiaomi Mi A1. While it does look similar to an iPhone, don’t let the resemblance fool you. This is, in fact, an Android and a terrific one at that. The phone has a high-quality build and some impressive specs and software considering how little it costs.

While it is not waterproof, it does have a fingerprint sensor and comes at a great price. Though it is hard to find, you won’t regret looking for it. It can often be found on Amazon but, if you don’t have any luck there, you can also try Newegg Business or Ebay. Another great buy is the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. One of the biggest selling points for this phone is the fact that it’s cheaper and far superior to its predecessor, the Zenfone Zoom, but it’s also praised for its long battery life and the many delightful features that the phone has. Although, its camera is not the best.

Nevertheless, it remains a great value at just £270 on Amazon. Then there’s the LG Q6. While it doesn’t have fingerprint sensors, it does have a full vision display which is great for multimedia purposes. In the US, you can get one of these great phones for as low as £239 on Amazon and it does come with both a front and rear camera. Next up is the ZTE Blade V8 Pro. One of ZTE’s best phones also ranks as one of its cheapest phones. Although it’s not the latest version of Android, it features a terrific battery life, pretty good dual-rear cameras and an amazing Android experience. Despite having a bad bottom-facing speaker, it still remains a great value.

Next up is the Moto G6 Play. Constantly hailed as a phone so cheap that you’ll want to buy two of them, this phone features a battery life that is quite long and a surprisingly good screen. It also has a Micro SD Support and can be bought on Whistleout Us for only £30. It offers a great value you won’t be able pass up. Anther amazing phone that comes at a great price is the Honor 7X. For just £189 on Amazon Marketplace, you’ll be able to enjoy vibrant displays with a large 18:9 aspect ratio, enough power to run pretty much anything on the Google Play Store and dual rear lens cameras with 16 mega pixels. Although it does sometimes stutter during its performance and can often be slow to charge, it remains a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

Then there’s another Asus phone on this list in the form of the Asus Zenfone V. Amazingly, you can get it for free at Whistleout US and it features a sharp AMOLED display alongside a terrific camera and powerful internals. But if you’re looking for other great values, you could also try the Nokia 6.1. Though the speaker performance is a bit subpar, it more than makes up for it with its fast updates, generous 1080p screen and durable, attractive design. You can get it for as low as £249 on Ebay. Finally, there are the iPhone SE and the Moto G6. The huawei p20 pro is also a good value considering its various features. You can get the huawei p20 pro for as low as £329 on Ebay.