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Four Ways to Save Money This Christmas

It’s no secret that, around Christmas, everyone’s budget gets a little tighter. There are just too many people to give gifts to. If you’re trying to find some ingenious ways to save a little bit of cash this holiday season, then here are a few Christmas money savers that will help you do just that:

Pre-Christmas Clean-up

Before the holidays, do a pre-Christmas clean-up and get rid of the things you’re not really using anymore. Somewhere at the back of your closet, there are clothes, bags, and shoes that are still in good condition, but you’ve just grown tired of them. You can collect all of these things and open up a garage sale. This way, you’re hitting two birds with one stone: You can earn extra cash that you can use to buy Christmas gifts for your friends and family, and prepare your house and closet for all the gifts you’re about to receive from your loved ones. Who knows? Maybe there are also items around your house that you use. Re-gifting these things is always an option—just don’t tell anyone about it.

Christmas Bulk Buy

Have you ever done a Christmas bulk buy? It’s when you buy a few things as a set, and then you give them away separately. Buying things in bulk helps you save money because they’re usually offered at a lower price than the individual items. You can do this with books, storage boxes, toys, and others. For example, two toys might be sold separately at £7, but you can get them both for £10. That gives you a saving of £4!

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a great way to save money this holiday season. Beginning on Black Friday, online stores offer huge discounts and great deals to their customers. On top of that, you’ll find additional discount codes and coupons that you can use at checkout, which means you get to save even more! You might also want to download “cash back” apps. How this type of app works is that it earns a small percentage of your total spending when you shop online through it, and then it will share with you a small cut of what it earns. Putting it simply, you can actually earn back money while you shop!

Flea Market Finds

Flea markets may be filled with old things, but you may never know what you unravel. Revamping and repurposing things that you find at the flea market is a nice way to show your loved ones that you put effort into fetching them Christmas gifts. Create key chains out of old leather belts, or turn old saucers into marbled jewellery dishes. There are so many things you can do with good flea market finds.

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be very expensive. With these Christmas money saver tips, you can save a bit of cash without sacrificing your loved ones’ happiness.