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How solar panels are installed, with the help of ISPC Financing and their homeowner loans

If you have made the brave step and decided to get solar panels installed, this is what happens in the process. The whole process can take from one to three months to be fully installed. After you have signed your solar contract and arranged funding such as a loan from a lender such as ISPC Financing, based in Florida, they will contact you.

Why go through this process when it is so lengthy, you may ask? Well for a start the actual installation will only take a few days, it is the legal documents, arranging loans and waiting for the arrival of your panels that takes the most time. If that doesn’t convince you how about reducing your bill by almost 90% does give you enough incentive? this has happened to the majority of new users. If you do not believe this try one of the online calculators which show what people with your size house and a similar size household have saved. If this does still not do enough to convince you how about considering that you are saving the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

The next step will be a site visit, this can be arranged by ISPC Financing with one of their contractors or merchants. An engineer from a local business will come to your home and follow a strict program of checks to ensure that everything is compatible with the new energy system.  During the visit the engineer will check that your roof is structurally sound and that your electric system is sufficient for the job and they will quickly check your financial status. In some very rare cases the electrical panel may need to be updated, especially on older properties.

Another consideration is that you will have to apply for all of the appropriate permits and licenses. On the positive side most of this, although quite technical, will be completed by your engineer along with any queries that may follow.

When all of the paperwork is in order, you have your finance and your electrics and roof are suitable for the job, you can get to the nice bit, choosing the products that you may like. Again, there are some technical consideration which will be explained by your installer. It usually takes a month from this point for everything to arrive and all of the documents to fall in place. These documents are good for all as they avoid scams and rip-offs to put your mind at rest.

The day of installation will involve the solar installer preparing your roof and adding the electrical wires, this part will only take a couple of days. The installers will ensure security at all times.

When you are happy with your solar panels please leave helpful comments and positive reviews or reports for your lender, dealers and installer as happy consumers, even if you prefer to remain anonymous, this can greatly help the business. Then next get planning your next consumer financing project improving your water treatment or water systems. ISPC Financial will cater for all of your eco-friendly housing needs.