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How To Keep Energy Bills Low This Fall

September marks the beginning of fall and every Canadian knows that this season is the start of dropping temperatures. While the temperature outside of the home plummets, it is typical for the average homeowner’s hydro bills to rise in costs. The easy solution to fight the cold is to keep the furnace running all day and night to stay comfortable and deal with higher bills, but running the furnace on overtime is a bandage solution to a bigger problem: your house needs new windows.

There is no point in cranking up the furnace in the colder seasons if the windows and doors of your home are not energy efficient. The best way to make sure that your hydro bills stay low during the fall —  and even more so during the winter — is to replace your old windows with high quality energy efficient ones. Energy efficient windows can be made with aluminum, vinyl and wood frames that are installed with spacers to ensure thermal performance. It is ideal to choose a window with Low E (low-emissivity) glazing to improve thermal control so that the heat stays indoors when it is cold outside. Your windows should include weather stripping to seal in heat and protect your home from the elements, especially moisture from rain and snow. These are all qualities that will ensure that your home stays warm during the colder months and that your bills stay low.

When replacing old windows with energy efficient ones, make sure to have them installed by trusted professionals, because a high-quality window is not useful if it’s installed incorrectly. According to MoneySense 30% to 40% of your heating is lost to air leakage, so a window that is improperly installed and sealed will cause warm air to flow out of the house and for your bills to keep climbing. It’s essential to invest in a thorough and professional installment in order to actually benefit from energy efficient windows, otherwise your purchase will only look better than the windows they are replacing.

Energy efficient windows are beneficial for harsh temperatures on both sides of the spectrum, so it also pays to have them installed for the heat waves of summer. As much as Canadian homeowners increase their hydro bills during the winter because of their reliance on their furnaces, they also increase their hydro bills in the summer because of their reliance on air conditioning. Replacing your old windows with energy-efficient ones will reduce your use of heating/cooling appliances for almost the entire year, and save you plenty of money.

If you’re worried about energy efficient windows being more practical than attractive, you should know that your property does not need to sacrifice style for functionality. Energy efficient windows come in different shapes and styles to suit your personal aesthetic. Shapes and frames range in appeal, like the rustic designs of Cottage windows to classic designs of Victorian windows. Renovated windows will improve the value of your home for their effectiveness, but it’s equally important that they enhance your home and give it stellar curb appeal.

Instead of turning up the heat and letting your wallet pay the price this fall, solve the underlying problem by replacing old windows with proper energy efficient ones. After the renovation, your home will stay warm in the colder months and keep your hydro bills low.