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How to save money on business meetings

For every business, it’s as important to save money as it is to make money. That extends to wasted time, and nowhere is that more common that when it comes to the dreaded business meeting. The good news is that meetings don’t have to be a waste of time or money, and with the right planning can even end up attracting more clients to your business. If you’re bored of board meetings and want to find new ways to save your company some money, then here are the three best ways to get the most out of those meetings that won’t dig into your profit margins.

Video Conferencing

It used to be that business owners would travel around the country meeting potential clients, negotiating with suppliers and generally wasting way too much time on the journey. With the rise of the digital age, that travel-time is no longer necessary, and more and more companies are taking advantage of video conferencing tools to cut down on hours wasted outside of the office. There are a number of platforms to choose from depending on your needs, and you can easily conduct face to face meetings with a number of people at the same time, no matter where in the world you or they may be. Look at what your needs are and choose the platform that suits you best, and you will be saving on travel costs and time.

Corporate Events

Buy tickets well ahead of schedule, and enjoy the experience of having a networking event or business meeting while enjoying a sport. If you get your timings right, you may be able to take advantage of reduced price tickets by visiting sites such as Ticket Sales, saving you money while looking and feeling like the professional business owner that you are. If you need to impress a potential client, and have the time and the resources to go all out, then nothing really beats a conference room at a Football game for the ultimate in corporate events.

Walking Meetings

The rise of the walking meeting has surprised many, but there are some obvious advantages to the idea. One of the reasons why so many companies are adopting the notion of a walking meeting is that it reduces your need for a dedicated space that is limited to nothing more than the occasional team gathering. More importantly, walking meetings have the added bonus of breaking down barriers between the different levels of your company, making it easier for employees to contribute their ideas. When your best resource is your staff, anything that can encourage their contribution to business management is to be supported.

If you’re looking for ways to trim your expenses and make the most out of your annual budget, then these three ideas could act as a springboard that gets you thinking of other ways to reduce your expenses. Business meetings are an essential part of running a successful company, but they don’t have to cost you time or money to be useful. Look for ways to cut down on expenditures, and you could soon be enjoying the benefits without damaging your profit margins..