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Join the Healthcare Industry for a Great Career

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A degree in health administration can put you in an advantageous position to improve the efficiency and quality of the way healthcare is delivered. You can get a degree from many universities such as University of Southern California (USC) and begin a career that pays well and allows you to influence policy in the healthcare industry. You will focus on developing a qualified and confident workforce in healthcare that cultivates relationships between organizations, patients and clinicians.

What Does a Health Administrator Do?

Healthcare administrators usually work in nursing homes, hospitals and private clinics. They look after the administrative duties such as case management and they manage the patient’s medical records. One of the best duties of a healthcare administrator is to help develop programs that benefit patients and doctors.

If working in a doctor’s office or hospital isn’t your idea of a great job, you may work for another type of facility or an insurance company. Because you have a combination of a business and medical degree, you may be suitable for health and injury-related insurance positions. You could conduct a risk analysis, manage underwriters and handle claims. If you prefer sales, you may work directly with the customers.

Government Jobs

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services as well as the Red Cross or American Hospital Association also employ healthcare administrators. You may require leadership skills, an in-depth knowledge of healthcare delivery and financial structure all within the profession of the medical industry.

What Is the Course of Study?

Courses for a degree in health administration may include healthcare economics, strategic management, management accountability, health information systems and development and monitoring of quality and patient safety and outcomes and much more. You may finish the degree course in four to six years.

After achieving a health administration degree, you can apply for a graduate program where you will be able to focus your course of study and specialize in certain areas. You can take business courses that focus on public health and human resources.

What Is the Job?

Recent graduates may find entry-level jobs such as director of admissions, in human resources or marketing. There are also staff positions such as risk management analysis or sales consultant. Healthcare administrators are in demand in small towns, rural communities and large cities.

Other career options for a person with a health administration degree are mental health facilities, child welfare, family services and probation offices. You could work for public interests groups or governments.

Why a Career in Healthcare Administration?

The most important reasons to pursue a career in healthcare management:

  • You can help improve the lives of people
  • You will have a vast amount of job opportunities
  • You will have a prestigious job
  • You will have great earning potential

Healthcare administration is the largest industry in the country and the second largest employer.  Healthcare managers have a world of opportunities available, unlike traditional managers. They have a valuable role in the community and can change lives for the better for hundreds if not thousands of people with the policies they set every day. In a healthcare administration program, you will develop a core skill set that gives you a competitive advantage in the healthcare sector.