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Maximize your salary as a Phlebotomist


A phlebotomist is considered as an essential part of a healthcare facility. They are designated to draw the blood from patients for examinations and diagnosis. When it is about the salary; they earn a decent amount. In the United States, these professionals easily make up to $30,626. In New Zealand, they make around NZ $45,000. However, there are other countries as well where the salary is quite low in comparison to the others. In India, it is $3,193, in South Africa, it is $10,446, and in the United Kingdom, it is $16,102. Reading this article further will give you a great idea about the salary of a Phlebotomist, depending on the country and its factor.

Phlebotomist salary influencing factors

How much does a phlebotomist get paid in the UK? This question is only answerable if you know the factors affecting the salary of this profession. 

  1. Location– When you talk about the salary of a phlebotomist in the United States, it ranges between $20,469 and $43,908. It may even include a bonus which is up to $2,750 and the profit share that they get is $2000. If they start getting paid hourly, they will make approximately $10 to $18. So, the overall salary is $21,674 to $39,488.
  2. Schedule and working hours-The working hours of phlebotomist keeps varying on the location of their work. If they are working in a hospital, they can be expected to work for 12-hours or more. If they are working in an outpatient facility, they will work regular office hours.  There is always a possibility of overtime, but it has been seen that most of the employers try to limit these extra hours to save the additional costs. It is reasonable for the phlebotomists to work in the regular shifts and weekends. Other than that, it is entirely possible that they will have to work for part-time when the labs are busy.
  3. Experience– The pay scale for a phlebotomist in the United States keeps on increasing linearly. If you are an experienced folk in the industry, you generally get paid well.
  4. Industry-Most of the phlebotomists works in the healthcare industry. In the United States, 28 percent of them work in medical laboratories, and 38 percent of them work in the city hospitals. Some of these professionals even serve as traveling phlebotomists and have to visit the home of the patient or have to establish a mobile blood clinic. When you take an in-depth look at the geography, some cities have the wage above the median. In the United States, the phlebotomists in San Diego easily earn more than 18 percent above the average, and there is 13 percent of them in Baltimore as well.

How to maximize the pay?

Some people have a specific reservation about how much does a phlebotomist get paid in the UK. The average pay scale of a phlebotomist was over $12000 less than the average national wage. But this doesn’t mean at all that there cannot be an increase in it. There are fair chances of increment when you have the right training. You can earn double than the national average pays.

Being a phlebotomist can turn out to be the best career choice for you if you have the correct training. All you got to do is to find the suitable opportunities and always keep the pay as the secondary option. Your priority should be to see the right job first.